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International Business

Clarion University’s academic structure has recently been reorganized. The information on these pages is valid for students who began their degrees prior to fall 2014.

For students looking for information about degrees in the new academic structure, it can be found on the college web pages:

College of Arts, Education and Sciences
College of Business Administration and Information Science
Venango College

For students seeking information about degree programs prior to fall 2014, it is available in the 2013-15 Undergraduate Catalog or in the 2013-15 Graduate Catalog.

A new catalog reflecting the reorganized academic structure will be available this fall. Curricular questions should be directed to your academic advisor.

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International Business is a multidisciplinary major within the Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (B.S.B.A.) degree that enhances the student's knowledge of the international environment within which United States and multinational businesses operate.
The major not only adds courses in international business and economics to the basic business administration core, but also includes international cultural coursework, language competency, and international experience requirements.
Clarion's International Business major provides a curriculum that helps prepare students for careers in business, industry, and government in paths such as international securities analysis, economic development, global marketing, multinational finance, management of global enterprises, and many more. It also develops the skills needed for effective interaction with foreign businesses and government officials. Many of our faculty members travel regularly internationally to teach or consult including teaching in Russia and China and bring the benefit of their expertise to the students in our program.
The international experience requirement for the major can be met in one of several ways. Our international travel and student exchange experiences regularly send students to approximately eight countries each year. Internship opportunities exist for International Business students in France, Ecuador, and Germany. The International Business Program coordinator works with every International Business student on an individual basis to provide the type of international experience that is best suited for that student, including students with proficiencies in languages other than the main languages offered at Clarion University.

A minor in International Business is also available to complement any major.



Required: ECON 361, MGMT 426, select six to nine credits from the following: ACTG 461, FIN 480, MKTG 469, select three to six credits (for a total of 18 credits in business administration courses): BSAD 341, ECON 312, ECON 363, ECON 461, select six credits from the department's international cultural course list. 

Foreign experience requirement:
Students may meet this requirement in a variety of ways, including completing BSAD 437, COOP 321/421, interning with a foreign or international firm, completing a foreign study abroad experience, or other qualified experience. Students who opt for an internship in a foreign country are advised to take a commercial language course and should be Level II proficient in that language.

Modern language requirement:
Students must show competency in a language other than English. This will be accomplished by passing a nationally-recognized language proficiency exam at Level I as a minimum in any language covered by that examination or completing six credits of a foreign language at the 200-level or higher.


Required: Students must complete 12-15 credits of upper-division international business courses from among the following: ACTG 461, BSAD 341, ECON 312, ECON 361, ECON 363, ECON 461, FIN 480, MGMT 426, MKTG 469. Students must complete 3-6 credits from the following: BSAD 437, COOP 321/421, study abroad, or a foreign language.