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Student Computing

Clarion University does not require students to have personal computers, but most students find it beneficial to bring their own.  Whether you already have a computer or plan to purchase one, these recommendations will ensure you have the right stuff.

Computing Services recommends purchasing from major computer manufacturers such as Lenovo, Apple, Dell, HP etc.  These computers typically have better warranty support in case you need repairs.

Clarion University has a purchasing agreement with Dell.  Special pricing can be obtained by going to Computer Showcase's website.

Apple Computer also offers education discounts.  Go to Clarion's Apple Store for educational pricing and help selecting a system.  NOTE: The MacBook Air does not have a built-in Ethernet card and will only be able to connect in wireless locations.

Hardware Recommendations
  Windows PC Apple/Mac
CPU 2.24 GHz or higher 2 GHz or higher
RAM 2GB or higher 2GB or higher
Hard Drive 160GB or higher 160 GB or higher
CD/DVD Writer Yes Yes
Operating System Windows 7 or 8
Mac OS 10.5 or higher
Ethernet/NIC Built-in Built-in
Wireless Built-in Built-in


Software Recommendations
Most students will need software for word processing, spreadsheets, and browsing the web. We recommend purchasing the Microsoft Office suite. Microsoft Works is not equivalent and is not supported on campus.

Students are required to have anti-virus software installed on their computers when connecting to the University's network, wired or wireless.  Students can download McAfee Anti-virus from the University at no cost.

The University utilizes a “Uniprint” pay-per-page printing system to manage the use of printing services in computer lab locations across campus.

Students are welcome to bring their own printers as well.

Backup Storage
Clarion recommends that students purchase a high capacity flash drive ("thumb" drive) for transfering documents and backing up files on their computer.  A drive with 1-2GB of storage is good for moving documents or backing up a small number of files.  A larger drive, 16-32GB, is good for backing up media files and large numbers of documents.

Other Things You Will Need
-Ethernet Cable (20-25', CAT5, CAT5e or CAT6)
-Telephone Wire (20-25')
-Televsion Cable (20-30', Coaxial)
-Surge Suppressor
-Analog Telephone

Clarion University Store has everything you need for your computer.
cables, flash drives, mouse pads, printer ink, Microsoft Office software