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Mathematics Class

"Today's world is more mathematical than yesterday's, and tomorrow's world will be more mathematical than today's. As computers increase in power, some parts of mathematics become less important while other parts become more important. While arithmetic proficiency may have been 'good enough' for many in the middle of the century, anyone whose mathematical skills are limited to computation has little to offer today's society that is not done better by an expensive machine."

- Everybody Counts

The world is shaped by math from basic addition at the checkout counter to advanced equations in engineering plans. And the future is bright for those who wish to gain a degree in Mathematics at Clarion University.

Degrees offered include:
Bachelor of Science in Mathematics
Bachelor of Science in Education in Secondary Mathematics
Bachelor of Science in Engineering Co-op
Master of Science in Education in Secondary Mathematics

Additional program offered:
Mathematics, minor

Mathematics Placement

Incoming freshmen at Clarion Campus are placed into their first college mathematics course based on the high school mathematics courses and grades in addition to the SAT and ACT mathematics score.  This placement is determined during the Orientation process.

Incoming freshman at Venango College are given a mathematics placement exam to determine the appropriate mathematics course.