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Explanation of University Convocation



Following are different explanations for "Convocation" that help us to define its purpose and importance for our students at Clarion.

  • A formal welcome for new students and faculty.

  • A culmination of Discovery Weekend, setting a tone for the new academic year, highlighting the appeal of intellectual activity,

  • In the 16th century, Oxford University used the term to describe an assembly of graduates, welcoming them to the order of scholars.

  • A festive event with faculty wearing their academic regalia

  • A formal assembly at a college or university

  • Represents many beginnings - new friendships, new studies, new opportunities for exploration and self discovery.

  • A collective noun for EAGLES (no joke!)

Here at Clarion....a time to commit yourself to the university, pledge your dedication to succeeding and graduating from Clarion, formalizing your relationship to other students, faculty, staff and administration for the support to meet your goal to graduate...