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Curriculum and Program Notes


The science and general education portion of the respiratory care program may be completed on either a part-time or full-time basis. The 14-month clinical phase of the program (starting with Summer I) must be completed on a full-time basis.

*The respiratory care curriculum is subject to change*

First Semester (Fall I)

BIOL 251 & 261        Human Anatomy & Physiology I with Lab - 4 credits
PHSC 111                Physical Science Chemistry - 3 credits
MATH 117                Mathematics for Health Science - 3 credits
AH 101                    Medical Terminology - 3 credits
AH 201                    Intro to the Health Care Environment - 2 credits

Semester Total: 15 credits

Second Semester (Spring I)

BIOL 252  & 262   Human Anatomy & Physiology II with Lab - 4 credits
RESP 101            Introduction to Respiratory Care - 3 credits
BIOL 260              Microbiology - 3 credits
ENG 111               College Writing, 3 credits
PSY 211               General Psychology, 3 credits

Semester Total: 16

Third Semester (Summer I)

RESP 102     Intermediate Respiratory Care - 3 credits
RESP 121     Clinical Application of Resp Care I - 2 credits
RESP 201     Cardiopulmonary A&P - 3 credits
RESP 202     Cardiopulmonary Pathophysiology - 2 credits
RESP 203     Cardiopulmonary Pharmacology - 2 credits

Semester Total: 12

Fourth Semester (Fall II)

RESP 204     Advanced Respiratory Care - 3 credits
RESP 205     Mechanical Ventilation & Critical Care I - 3 credits
RESP 206     Selected Topics in Respiratory Care- 3 credits
RESP 220     Clinical Application of Respiratory Care II - 3 credits

Semester Total: 12

Fifth Semester (Spring II)

RESP 207    Mechanical Ventilation & Critical Care II - 4 credits
RESP 208    Neonatal & Pediatric Respiratory Care - 3 credits
RESP 221    Clinical Application of Respiratory Care III - 5 credits

Semester Total: 12

Sixth Semester (Summer II)

RESP 209    Advanced Life Support & Case Studies - 2 credits
RESP 210    Advanced Clinical Concepts - 3 credits
RESP 211    Case Studies-Clinical Simulations - 2 credits
RESP 222    Clinical Application of Respiratory Care IV - 5 credits

Semester Total: 12

Total Credits: 79

*Contingent upon placement.  Students who place into Math 050 must take it prior to taking Math 117.  Students who self-place into ENG 110 are required to take the course prior to taking ENG 111.

A minimum QPA of 2.0 must be maintained along with passing grades in all required general education courses.  A minimum grade of “C” must be earned in all RESP courses.


Clinical Practicum

During the 14-month clinical phase of the respiratory care program, students will attend classes and clinical practicum five full days per week with some days spent in formal respiratory care classes and other days at an assigned clinical site. Respiratory care classes are taught at Venango College.

Students will also be required to periodically attend specialty respiratory care rotations at local and regional health care organizations.

Significant travel is required of respiratory care students. Reliable transportation is therefore essential and is at the expense of the student.

Additionally, some weekend and evening rotations may be required.

Assignment to Clinical Sites

Several local and regional health care organizations serve as clinical sites for the respiratory care program. Student preference for a particular clinical site cannot be considered.  Affiliated clinical sites are subject to change.