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Facilities Management

McEntire Building
Phone: 814-393-2361 FAX: 814-393-2037

Requests for services by the Facilities Planning & Management Department can be submitted electronically via a Work Order Request form or by contacting the FMD Work Order Center at ext. 2361.   The request is forwarded to the appropriate FMD Foreman.  Fix-It requests are limited to repairs to buildings or installation of equipment requiring an amount of labor and materials.  FMD will decide if the request fits into that category.  Fix-It or the Work Order Center should not be used for construction/alternation estimates.  

Work order priorities are as follows:

  1. Emergency

  2. Health and Safety

  3. Corrective Work

  4. General Upgrade

Emergency services are available at all times for emergency situations that would affect the health, or safety of students and employees, or which could result in loss of University property or assets.  This includes but is not limited to fire, power outage, water line breaks, etc