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1)      Course repeat policy

Undergraduate students will be limited to a maximum total of six repeats throughout their undergraduate career.  Within the six repeat rule, repeats of a single course for grade improvement will be limited to three.  Therefore, a single course can only appear on a transcript a total of three times.  So, a student who enrolls in ENG 111 and gets a grade of D could then attempt that course a second and third time for grade improvement.  The most recent grade received will be the grade used for GPA calculations.  Post Baccalaureate students will follow the same policy as Undergraduate students.

Graduate students can repeat a single course only once.  Graduate students are also limited to a maximum of two repeats across their program.  The most recent grade will be the grade used for GPA calculations.  

 We will begin tracking course repeats for students effective with the Fall 2009 semester.  This policy will not take into account course repeats taken prior to the Fall 2009 semester. 

2)      Drop/add dates

Drop period will extend to the 6th calendar day in a typical semester and add period extend to the 7th calendar day. Normally this would mean drop day extends to the first Saturday of the semester and add day to the first Sunday. These periods will be converted to percentages to apply to nontraditional semesters. Drop day occurs after 8.5% of the class days (excluding exams) and add day is after 10% of the class days; adjusted to a whole number.  Drop/add dates will be available in the 'Calendars' link.

3)     Graduation and Degree Conferral

Students must initiate an Application for Graduation to be considered a candidate for graduation.  Applications are available on the Registrar’s Office website.  Applications must be approved by the academic advisor, department chair and dean.  Deadlines for submitting applications are available on the Registrar website.  Details regarding the commencement ceremony can be found on the Commencement web page.

Formal commencement exercises are held in December and May of each year.  Participation in the December ceremony is limited to those degree candidates who will complete their degree requirements in fall or winter intersession.  Participation in the May ceremony is limited to those degree candidates who will complete their degree requirements in the spring or summer. 

Degrees are conferred six times annually – the last day of final exams for the fall semester, winter intersession, spring semester, first summer session, second summer session, and third summer session. 

Students who have not successfully completed all degree requirements within 30 days after the last day of final exams will not have their degree awarded until the degree conferral date for the term their requirements have been completed.

Students who do not successfully complete their degree requirements for the term are responsible for reactivating their application for graduation by notifying the Registrar’s Office of their next anticipated date of graduation.

4)     Graduation Residency Requirement

All first baccalaureate degree students will take at least 30 of their last 45 credits at Clarion University with at least 50% of major credits from Clarion.  The 30 of the last 45 credit residency requirement will be implemented for all students.  This policy will be retroactive to students enrolled in past catalog years.  The 50% major credit requirement will be implemented with the Fall 2009 catalog year for incoming students.

 For master's students, at least 2/3 of the credits meeting program requirements must be taken from Clarion University.

 5)     Simultaneous Degree Completion

Effective with the Fall 2009 catalog year for incoming students, undergraduate students seeking to complete a second baccalaureate degree from a different college of the university or different degree (e.g., B.S., B.A., B.F.A.) within the same college will be required to complete 150-credit minimum for completion of simultaneous degrees.

Students may complete a double major (e.g., B.S. in Chemistry and B.S. in Biology) with less than 150 credits as long as they meet all of the requirements for both programs.  If the student has less than 150 credits and the two majors involve multiple degree designations (e.g., B.A. in English and B.S. in Psychology), the student will have the option to select the degree designation that appears on the transcript and diploma.

Effective with the Fall 2009 catalog year, graduate students seeking to complete two simultaneous graduate degrees will be required to complete at least 12 hours beyond the minimal credit requirements for the degree program with the most required credits.

6)     Withdrawal Policy

Individual Course Withdrawal Policy

An undergraduate student is permitted five individual course withdrawals at Clarion University, which are recorded with a grade of W.  Exceptions may be made for withdrawals due to documented extenuating circumstances with approval of the instructor, advisor, and dean of the student’s program. 

All class withdrawals must be initiated by completing a class withdrawal form, which is signed by the student's advisor. If a withdrawal is not made through the Office of the Registrar, a failing grade will be recorded for the affected course(s). Classes a student drops during the period of drop/add will not appear on the student's record. Course withdrawals may be made between the second and tenth weeks of a regular semester or by the dates listed on the Registrar’s calendar page for winter and summer sessions.  Students are limited to 5 class withdrawals within their career. 

Appeals for a late course withdrawal may be made by students to the Registrar for withdrawals due to documented extenuating circumstances such as illness or some other unavoidable occurrence.  These appeals must be submitted in writing prior to the last day of classes and require approval of the instructor, advisor, and dean of the student’s program.

Withdrawal From the University

Students may withdraw from the university (all courses) through the last day of classes by notifying the Office of the Registrar in writing of his or her intention to withdraw and the reason for withdrawal. University withdrawals, which are recorded with grades of WX, are not included in the limit of five individual course withdrawals.  If a withdrawal is not made by the deadline, a failing grade may be recorded for the affected course(s).

Appeals to this procedure must be submitted by the student in writing to the Registrar no later than 30 days following the end of the semester for which the student is submitting the withdrawal.  Appeals require review and approval by the Office of Academic Affairs. 

See section on refunds under financial information for financial implications of withdrawal.