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Clarion University’s academic structure has recently been reorganized. The information on these pages is valid for students who began their degrees prior to fall 2014.

For students looking for information about degrees in the new academic structure, it can be found on the college web pages:

College of Arts, Education and Sciences
College of Business Administration and Information Science
Venango College

For students seeking information about degree programs prior to fall 2014, it is available in the 2013-15 Undergraduate Catalog or in the 2013-15 Graduate Catalog.

A new catalog reflecting the reorganized academic structure will be available this fall. Curricular questions should be directed to your academic advisor.

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Marketing is a process employed by contemporary organizations to discover and adapt to consumers' needs and desires. It includes advertising, consumer research, and selling, as well as other activities affecting the transfer of goods and services from seller to buyer.

Clarion's Marketing Program has a balanced curriculum and a well-qualified, diversified faculty. The program is relatively small, so students have the opportunity to become acquainted with faculty members. Students can plan their programs to fit their particular interests and needs. Marketing students can also choose the international business minor.

Marketing courses are involved with application software in Still Hall's microcomputer lab.

The American Marketing Association student chapter is very active on campus. Marketing has two honor societies, Alpha Mu Alpha and Mu Kappa Tau.

Clarion's program in marketing has been designed to prepare students for careers in advertising management, non-profit marketing, marketing research, physical distribution management, retailing management, and general marketing management. Types of entry-level positions available to graduates include: account executive, advertising manager, buyer, inventory control manager, marketing director, marketing research worker, media buyer, merchandise manager, product or brand manager, retail manager, salesperson, traffic and distribution services director, warehouse manager.



MARKETING (B.S.B.A.) – 24 credits
Required: MKTG 461, 465, 469. Twelve credits of marketing electives (four courses) from the following: MKTG 361, 362, 363, 366, 369, 462, 463, 468, 491, 495, and three credits of marketing or business elective.