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The course offerings at Clarion University of PA go through an extensive review process by the Committee on Courses and Programs of Study (CCPS).  This course offerings list is a comprehensive list of courses that could be offered; it does not mean they are currently being offered.

For a complete list of courses offered on the current or upcoming schedules, see the Registrar's page Schedule of Classes.

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Course Id (currently sorted in Ascending order) Course TitleCourse Description
GER 302
Topics in German Lit & Culture
In-depth examination of a German literary movements, literary theme or cultural topic. This course may be taken up to three times for credit, provided that different topics are offered. Course taught in English. Assignments done in German for Germ,an majors and minors. Prerequisite (only for German majors and minors): GER 251 or GER 250.|
GER 307
German Conv & Comp I
Develops students' abilities in listening, speaking and writing German. This course emphasizes a variety of issues relating to modern Germany. Prerequisite: GER 250 or 252.|
GER 308
German Conv & Comp II
Continuation of GER 307. Prerequisite: GER 307 or permission of instructor|
GER 340
German Film
Surveys major German films with English subtitles. Through film, students learn about cultural and social changes in 20th-century German-speaking countries and become aware of differences between German and Anglo-American cultures. Lectures in Englis,h; assignments in German. Prerequisite: GER 250 or 252, or equivalent.|
GER 341
Surv Germ Lit Mid Ages To 18th
Survey and discussion of the main trends of German thought and literary expression from the Middle Ages through the Classical period. This course emphasizes the emergence and evolution of literary genres. Prerequisite: GER 250 or 252.|
GER 342
Surv Germ Lit 19th Cen To Pres
Survey and discussion of the main trends of German thought and literary expression from German Romanticism to Postmodernity. This course emphasizes the concepts of experimentation with and subversion of the established literary genres. Prerequisite,: GER 250 or 252.|
GER 353
Modern German Drama
German drama from the middle of the 19th century to the present, covering representative writers of the realist, naturalist, and expressionist movements, as well as selected contemporary writers. Prerequisite: GER 250 or 252 or permission of instruct,or.|
GER 355
German Romanticism
Study of German Romantic literature and philosophy, with consideration of their influences on American Romanticism. Prerequisite: GER 250 or 252 or permission of instructor.|
GER 358
Classical German Lit
Study of major authors and representative works from the golden age of German literature. Prerequisite: GER 250 or 252 or permission of instructor.|
GER 400
Sr Sem in Lit, Ling & Cult Stu
Explores in a seminar setting a comparative literary, cultural, linguistic or pedagogical topic, including primary sources and relevant theory and criticism. The course teaches analytical and writing skills relevant to cultural, linguistic and liter,ary analysis. A major paper or unit plan is required of all participants. Required of senior majors in World Languages and Cultures. Prerequisite: Senior status during semester of enrollment, at least one 300-level course in the Department of Mod,ern Languages and Cultures.|
GER 451
Readings: German Lit
GER 501
Spec Topics German Lit & Cult
In-depth examination of contemporary German literary and cultural issues. May be taken up to three times for credit, provided that different topics are offered. Course taught in German.|
GER 551
Adv Supr Readings In Germ Lit
Selected readings determined by the needs and interests of the individual student.|
GER 557
Adv Germ Ling & Cult Immersion
This course consists of two weeks of intensive online instruction on German culture and civilization, prior to a two week trip to a German-speaking country. During this immersion period, students will visit places of historical =, cultural, artistic,, and literary importance of the sites visited, and conduct as much of their daily routines in German as possible. Course offered to graduate students.|
GERO 499
Seminar In Gerontology
Integrate knowledge and hands-on experience obtained in a field setting. Conducted as a seminar in which students share their experiences and do problem solving. The instructor facilitates this process and provides information to enhance learning., Co-requisite: REHB 495, SOC 499, or PSY 499.|
GS 109
Foreign Lit And Trans
Offered by the Department of Modern Languages and Cultures, listed as FR 109, GER 109, or SPAN 109.|
GS 123
Intro-Locating Inf
GS 140
Pers Money Mgmt & Cons Econ
Examines major aspects of personal financial management, including budgeting of income and expenditures, transactions, and relations with banks and other lending institutions, insurance and retirement plans, home ownership, personal taxes, savings, a,nd investment plans. B.S.B.A. majors may apply this course only as a free elective. Each semester.|
GS 222
Problem Solving
Investigates the elements of solving a variety of problems, beginning with closed problems such as puzzles or cryptograms and progressing through simple games and complex games to the complexities of open-ended problems of personal and political life,. Emphasizes development of proficiency in dealing with new situations and techniques through actual practice. No prerequisite. Each semester.|
GS 230
Special Topics
Experts on individual countries cover historical and contemporary developments on the European intellectual scene with regard to their relevance for the present American student generation. The special subject is announced at pre-registration. Open,to all students, and may be taken up to three times for credit, provided that different topics are offered. Course conducted in English. No prerequisite.|
GS 242
You And The Law
Surveys the major fields of law. Emphasizes historical development, basic legal principles, legal theory and procedure, and their relation to the individual. Business administration majors may not take this course. Annually.|
GS 262
Intro To Serv Learning
Provides an overview of service learning. Presents history, legislation, and theory relevant to service in addition to the components and standards of service learning. Students will be prepared for service through readings in the subject area, sensi,tivity training, conflict resolution, and etiquette. Students will then spend 30 hours in community-based service activity at three of five priority sites. Students will reflect in writing upon their service and will attend weekly seminars. Prerequis,ite: ENG 110. On demand.|
GS 411
Science And Society
Describes the process of science as an ongoing and continuously developing means of describing the natural world. Examines what science is and how it is done. Promotes science literacy. Emphasizes written and oral communication skills as well as the,ability to understand important topics in science, along with the policy and ethical questions raised. Open to students in all academic areas.|
GU 160
Intro To Global Understanding
Introduces students to global perspectives that shape how we facilitate and coordinate interactions with people from different backgrounds through the use of verbal and nonverbal codes.|
GU 340
Global Understanding Seminar
Capstone course for the Minor in Global Understanding. Interdisciplinary seminar focused on the development of a research project to be implemented during a subsequent approved experience abroad. Students will identify a topic for their research pr,oject, develop a well-articulated prospectus and literature survey, and link with and secure the participation of a faculty advisor with whom they will work on this project. Prerequisite: GU 160|
GU 341
Global Understanding Res Proj
Under the supervision of a faculty advisor in their major area of study, students pursue a reseach project (defined in a proposal written as part of GU 340 - Seminar in Global Understanding) while on an approved experience abroad. The final products, of this research are a paper and oral presentation. Prerequisite: GU 340|
HIST 110
Com Hist Of Civ In Asia
Explores an overview of all of Asian history from the birth of civilization to the present. Emphasizes identification of a number of significant stages of historical development in the life of civilizations. Clarifies the socio-cultural subdivisions,within Asia. On demand.|
HIST 111
Ancient & Med Civ
Includes a survey of prehistoric cultures and civilization from its historical beginning to 1300. Presents a knowledge of the origins of the broad social, political, intellectual, and economic movements of the past from which the student may gain an,understanding of civilization today. Each semester.|
HIST 112
Early Modern Civ
A study of significant movements and events from 1300 to 1815. Emphasizes the interrelationships between cultures of various world regions. Stresses the influence of European development on other world areas. Each semester.|
HIST 113
Modern Civilization
A study of significant movements and events of 1789 to the present. Emphasizes interrelationships between the cultures of various world regions, with major attention on the influence European development has exerted on other world areas in the 19th a,nd 20th centuries. Each semester.|