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The course offerings at Clarion University of PA go through an extensive review process by the Committee on Courses and Programs of Study (CCPS).  This course offerings list is a comprehensive list of courses that could be offered; it does not mean they are currently being offered.

For a complete list of courses offered on the current or upcoming schedules, see the Registrar's page Schedule of Classes.

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Course TitleCourse Description
Inter Business Seminar
Focuses on developing an understanding of the problems and opportunities faced by international organizations. In order to best achieve both micro and macro perspectives in the study of international aspects of the business, students visit businesses, abroad for discussions with top-level executives. In addition to international travel, the students will meet with the instructor for a series of briefing and debriefing sessions. An additional three credits may be taken (for a total of six) on an i,ndividualized basis. Prerequisite: MGMT 320. Junior standing.|
Adm Decision Making
Requires students to synthesize what had been learned in the separate business fields and to utilize this knowledge in the analysis of complex problems. Emphasizes organizational and industry research and its application to strategic decision making,. Capstone course for a degree in business administration. Prerequisites: MGMT 320, MKTG 360, and FIN 370. Each semester.|
Multi Bus Sem
This course incorporates an established program involving a consortium of American universities called the International Business Seminar. The program involves a variety of trips to different nations for meetings with top-level executives of various,organizations. The program is supplemented with a series of meetings with the instructors both before and after returning from the trips. Individual assignments are made, and a text which includes topical materials is provided. The assignments are of, a graduate-level caliber, and are expected to produce presentable and/or publishable papers. Participation in seminars is expected to be at the graduate level. Should the student take this course for six credits, additional research will be required|
Intro to Business Integ Exper
Introduces students to the role of the business institiution in society and the challenges it faces. The course integrates the study of business within all functional areas of business, Economics, Accounting, Finance, Management and Marketing. The,course introduces students to professional standards in business through experiential learning opportunities. Required of all BSBA majors. Open to all students. Each semester. No prerequisites.|
Fund Of Management
Introduces management and organization. Emphasizes managerial processes and functions and the interface of the manager with supervisors, subordinates, and the work environment. B.S.B.A. majors can apply this course to free electives only. Each semest,er, Venango only.|
Ess Of Entre Small Bus Mgmt
Explores the entrepreneurial process associated with new venture formation. Examines managerial processes as they relate to the operation of a small business. The role of a formal business plan is highlighted and developed. Highlights the preparatio,n involved in the formation of a new venture, developing the entrepreneurial plan, and adapting to comtemporary challenges facing the entrepreneur. B.S.B.A. majors can apply this course to free electives only. Prerequisite: MGMT 120. Spring, annually,. Venango only.|
Appl Supervision
Prepares students for a position as a first-time supervisor and includes the essential elements of good management practices and stresses application rather than theoretical supervision concepts. B.S.B.A. majors can apply this course to free elective,s only. Prerequisites: sophomore standing and MGMT 120. Spring, annually, Venango only.|
Human Behav/Orgs
Explores how basic psychological principles can be used to describe, explain, and predict individuals' on-the-job thoughts, feelings, and behaviors. Includes personality, motivation, perception, attitudes, stress, communication, learning, leadership,, group behavior, cooperation, decision-making, and research methods. B.S. business administration majors can apply this course to free electives only. No prerequisite. On demand at both the Clarion and Venango Campuses.|
Mgmt Theory And Practice
Focuses on the development of management thought and its application. Includes planning, organizing, controlling, decision-making, motivation, leadership, work groups, and organizational change and development. Considers the domestic and internationa,l environments and changing societal values. Prerequisites: ECON 211, ECON 212, and junior standing. Each semester.|
Org Theory & Behavior
Focuses on the managerial application of behavioral science research and theory in dealing with individuals, groups, and organizations. Prerequisite: MGMT 121 or 320. Each semester.|
Mgmt Of B I S
Shows managers how to develop business management information systems, either on their own or with the aid of system technicians. Simulates the systems techniques in organizing and analysis that the student will use in practice. Prerequisite: MGMT 32,0. Each semester.|
Small Business
Explores the challenges and prospects of initiating and operating a small business. Emphasizes strategies for creating and maintaining a sustainable competitive advantage in the marketplace. Highlights sources and uses of information needed for small, business decision-making. Prerequisite: MGMT 320. Once every three semesters.|
Human Resources Mgmt
A study of the activities involved in human resource management. Includes high performance work systems, job analysis, human resource planning, recruitment, selection, equal employment opportunity, training and development, performance appraisal, com,pensation practices, and safety and health. Prerequisite: MGMT 320. Each semester.|
Leadership Communication
The course provides an overview of the role of communication in leadership in a variety of contexts, including interpersonal, small group, intercultural, organizational, and public sphere. It includes theoretical and experiential approaches to effec,tive leadership communication. Students will analyze their personal leadership styles and develop leadership communication skills.|
Operations Research
Examines scientific methods that provide managers with a quantitative basis for making decisions. Emphasizes deterministic and stochastic methods, including the transportation method, linear and dynamic programming, PERT, inventory control, queuing t,heory, and Markov analysis. Prerequisite: ECON 222.|
Bus Society, & Corp Conduct
A study of concepts of, and theories about, interrelationships between business units and society in general. Employs the concepts and theories in the analysis of complex environmental problems encountered by business managers. Prerequisite: MGMT 32,0.|
Operations Management
Examines the philosophy of F.W. Taylor and other management pioneers, the nature of the production cycle, simplification and diversification of product lines, purchasing, materials, control, routing, scheduling, dispatching, and plant layout. Prerequ,isites: ECON 221, 222, and MGMT 320. Each semester.|
Global Business Leadership
Introduces the international environment and the growing discipline of multinational business in this environment--i.e., multinational management of strategic planning, organization, production, research and development, marketing, finance, and human, resources. Prerequisite: MGMT 320. Each semester.|
Entrepreneurial Leadership Sem
Hands-on approach to the study of small business as it applies to the various sectors of the economy. Students gain direct exposure to small business through the development of a formal business plan for a new small business. Emphasizes the entrepren,eurial activities involved as they relate to this process. Prerequisite: MGMT 320.|
Explores entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial process associated with new venture formation. Emphasizes creativity and innovation as they relate to the initiation of a new business. Highlights the preparation involved in the formation of a new ve,nture, developing the entrepreneurial plan, and adapting to contemporary challenges facing the entrepreneur. Prerequisite: MGMT 320.|
Sports Management
Provides students with an understanding of how the principles and concepts of management theory can be applied to sports administration. Prerequisite: MGMT 320. Every other semester.|
Management Seminar
Designed for management majors as a follow-up course to MGMT 320. Presents the views of numerous management theorists and practitioners. Includes broad ranging areas of study and an integration of these areas through discussion, individual written an,d oral reports, and some case analyses. Students analyze and integrate theory and practice as a means of increasing his or her understanding of the management process. Prerequisites: MGMT 320 and senior standing. On demand.|
Quality Management
Examines Total Quality Management (TQM), including the philosophies and principles of Deming, Juran, and Crosby. Focuses on the management and continuous improvement of quality and productivity in manufacturing and service organizations. Includes qua,lity measurement, quality assurance, giving employees responsibility for quality, the team approach to quality, employee recognition, and various TQM tools and techniques. Prerequisite: MGMT 320. Annually.|
Project Management
Introduces students to basic project management concepts and reinforces those concepts through the use of project management software. Provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to plan, organize and control information technology pro,jects. Key topics include monitoring and controlling schedules, progress reporting, risk management, quality management, cost management as well as contracting and procurement. Graduate students will analyze a case study; present it to the class; a,nd provide a 10-15 page written report on the case study analysis to the instructor. Prerequisites: CIS 301 and MGMT 320 or permission of instructor.|
Collect Bargaining
A study of the negotiation and scope of collective bargaining contracts; the substance of bargaining power and institutional goals are applied in the resolution of industrial conflict. Prerequisite: MGMT 324. At least once every three semesters.|
Compensation Management
A study of the processes in analyzing, developing, implementing, administering, and performing on-going evaluation of a total compensation and benefit system for all organizational groups. Prerequisite: MGMT 324.|
Labor Rel & Pub Policy
Examines the industrial relations functions as they relate to federal, state, and local statutes and industrial policies. Includes OSHA, EEOA, NLRA, LMRA, and LMRDA, workers' compensation, and unemployment compensation. Prerequisite: MGMT 324.|
Occupat Safety Mgmt
Provides students with information concerning management techniques, government regulations and safety, and health program development within organizational settings. Prerequisite: MGMT 320.|
Special Topics: Mgmt
Presents various current topics affecting management practice or theory. Different topics may be covered from year to year as subjects of critical importance or interest occur. Prerequisites: Junior standing and MGMT 320.|
Mgmt Theory and Practice
Focuses on the development of management thought and its application. Includes planning, organizing, controlling, decision-making, motivation, leadership, work groups, and organizational change and development. Considers the domestic and internationa,l environments and changing societal values.|