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There are 21 Senators on Student Senate and here is some information about them. Please click on their name to learn some facts about them. Each Senator has to be qualified in order to be elected, which includes being a full-time student with a 2.5 QPA and have at least 2 semesters left at the university.

President: Sara Dickson

Vice President: Josh Domitrovich

Treasurer: Kayla Lavery

Secretary: Kelli Eckstrom

Rules and Regulations Chair: Madeline Robinson

Parliamentarian: Jeff Donor

Trustee: Darren Young

Senator: Ann Deibert

Senator: Kevin Trostle

Senator: Emily Leon

Senator: Emily Swogger

Senator: Todd Garrett

Senator: Jesse Snyder

Senator: Alison Zeiler

Senator: Kathryn Chambers

Senator: Amber Smith

Senator: Marissa Kealey

Senator: Taylor Claypool

Senator: Greg Jacobs

Senator: Sean Uber

Senator: Robert Ewing

Senator: Michaela Hardy

Senator: Moyo Wills