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Research Grants

Each semester, the Physics Department has several Undergraduate Research Grants available. Grant applications can be found posted in 108 STC (the Physics Student Lounge).


Employment Opportunities

A bachelor's degree in physics qualifies graduates for applied research and development positions in private industry and governmental laboratories. Students who choose a secondary subject (minor or concentration) are prepared for work in related fields such as biophysics or geophysics.

Students preparing for careers in basic research usually continue their education at graduate school. Several of our recent graduates have been accepted into programs at major research universities with significant stipends for their support.

Graduates with the B.S.Ed. degree in physics will find a large number of employment opportunities in secondary teaching in all regions of the country. Students who elect to remain in Pennsylvania may qualify for special tuition grants.

The American Institute of Physics (AIP) maintains a Career Network. The AIP Career Website has a proven record of providing helpful career information and job opportunities for undergraduate students.