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Clarion University Scholarships

The following information illustrates the many scholarship opportunities available to students at Clarion University. If you are unclear about any of the information below, please call Admissions at 814-393-2306.

Use the tool filters below to narrow your scholarship search based on major (left drop-down menu) and audience (right drop-down menu -- select incoming freshman or current student). Another filter is Other Scholarships, not based on major (left drop-down menu) and audience (right drop-down menu - freshman or current students). Contact person for current students is the scholarship chair listed in the scholarship description of this site or handled by the chair of the academic department.

You can also access a list of the following scholarships:

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Scholarship TitleScholarship Description
Clarion University Department of Chemistry Commemorative Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded to a chemistry major and based upon academic achievement in chemistry. Contact the Chemistry Department chair at 814-393-2281.

Clarion University Department of Chemistry Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded to chemistry majors and are based upon academic achievement in chemistry. Contact the Chemistry Department chair at 814-393-2281.

Kim Rutherford Memorial Scholarship

A scholarship in memory of a former faculty member is awarded each year to freshman or sophomore major in any of the biology degree programs, except medical technology. Recipient is selected upon the following criteria: academic excellence, participation in extracurricular activities, service to the Biology Department and Clarion University, financial need, and the student's goals in biology. Application should be made in the spring to the Biology Department. Final selection made by department's academic committee. Application deadline date is April 4.

Ecology Scholarship

A scholarship to be awarded to an undergraduate student who is enrolled in a Clarion University field course offered through the Pymatuning Laboratory of Ecology. Recipient will be selected based on academic excellence, service to the department, university, and community, and evidence of a scholarly commitment to ecology and environmental biology. Applicants are required to submit a current vita/resume, an unofficial college transcript, and complete a 2-page essay summarizing university and community service, research activities, and career goals. Applicants must be majoring in a bachelor of science in biology or environmental biology degree.

Biology Department Fund Scholarships

Two scholarships are awarded to biology or medical technology students who are currently juniors. Students should apply in the spring to the Biology Department Scholarship Committee. The Scholarship Committee makes a recommendation to the department based upon academic record, contribution to the department and/or university, and participation in extracurricular activities. Scholarships are paid directly onto the student's billing account. Application deadline date is April 4.

The Ruth Bleakney Montgomery Science/Mathematics Scholarship

This scholarship established by Ron and Judy Montgomery in memory of Ron's mother Ruth. This endowment encourages students from Armstrong, Jefferson and Clarion Counties (preference given to Armstrong) with high achievement measured by their high school class rank and SAT score and also excellent academic performance at Clarion University to seek higher education. They must be of sophomore, junior or senior standing (with preference given to sophomores). Candidates must have declared a B.S. in a traditional science or mathematics major. Previous recipients may receive the award up to a total of three times. Applicants must apply no later than one week after grades are available for the spring semester. Please contact the office of the Dean of Arts and Science at 814-393-2328.

William and Elizabeth Hart Scholarship

This scholarship established to honor former chemistry professor Dr. William Hart. Currently, two scholarships are awarded and can be used to pay for tuition, room, board, and some miscellaneous fees, including books. Applicants must major in mathematics, physics, chemistry, geography/earth science, or biology and have completed 45 credits. They must have a QPA of 3.0 overall and 3.3 in mathematics and science course work. Selection shall be made by competitive examination, testing the student's ability in mathematics and English. Application deadline is late February. Contact the Scholarship Committee chair, Dr. Ben Freed, at 814-393-2592 for additional information.

Tracy V. Buckwalter Memorial

This endowed scholarship was established in memory of former faculty member Dr. Tracy V. Buckwalter. This award will be given annually to a senior student who best displays a vital interest and outstanding scholarship in the field of geology. For additional information contact Dr. John Ernissee, Department of Anthropology, Geography, and Earth Science at 814-393-2317.

Nancy Shaw McKee Scholarship

This endowed scholarship will provide one annual scholarship to an undergraduate student (of junior standing or higher) majoring in any area of the arts and sciences. The recipient will be selected on the basis of academic performance and financial need. Contact the dean of the College of Art and Sciences at 814-393-2225 for more information. Students need to be first nominated by faculty to be considered for this scholarship. Nominated students will need to submit a "Goals Statement". Deadline date for nominees is March 29.

Joanne W. Haskell Scholars Program Endowment

Established by Joanne Gwen (Wagner) Haskell, friend of Clarion University, and designated to fund scholarships in the field of humanities. The fund will make awards to students who plan to travel abroad to pursue studies in the humanities. Scholarships are intended for students who take courses in a foreign country, supplement existing research projects or creative and civic activities. Applicants must be juniors or seniors in good academic standing. Selection will be made from application and accompanying proposal. Contact the Office of the Provost for further information.

AGES Department Scholarship Endowment

As a result of faculty donations, scholarship awards are available for current Anthropology, Geography, Earth Science majors.  Contact the Chair of AGES for further information.

Gloria J. Zampogna Scholarship

Established by Tony M. Zampogna, Sr. in memory of his late wife, Gloria, who had a long and distinguished nursing career.  The scholarship will be awarded annually to a student(s) currently enrolled or planning to enroll in the Clarion University's School of Nursing, pursuing the Associate of Science degree in Nursing.  Candidate must demonstrate financial need as determined by FAFSA.  First priority for the scholarship is Venango Catholic High School graduates; if none available, then all others will be considered by the Venango Campus Scholarship Committee.

Dorothy Story Smith Memorial Scholarship

Established by David C. Smith (‘64) in memory of his mother. The award will provide an annual scholarship to a Clarion University nursing student. Eligible candidates must be an undergraduate student, have a 1000 SAT score, and demonstrate financial need per the FAFSA application, which must be on file by the application deadline. For further information, contact the School of Nursing at (814) 676-6591.

Dolores Sherman Scholarship

Provides an annual award for full-time students pursuing a B.S. degree in nursing. Candidate selection criteria include grades in nursing course work, overall academic record, financial need, recommendation of nursing instructors, and service to the university and/or the nursing profession. For further information, contact the chair of the Venango Campus Scholarship Committee at (814) 676-6591 ext. 1221.

Lyle & Clara Reinhard Family Scholarship:

Established by President Diane Reinhard in memory of her parents. One award is designated for Nursing. To be considered, incoming student needs to be near the top of his/her senior high school class with SAT's over 1000 total.

Dr. and Mrs. Arthur William Phillips Scholarship Fund

Made possible by a donation from the Dr. and Mrs. Arthur William Phillips Charitable Trust of Oil City. They are available to students enrolled or planning to enroll for undergraduate work in the Nursing Program or other programs related to medicine. They must have attended high school or been a permanent PA resident for at least the past three years in Allegheny, Butler, Clarion, Crawford, Erie, Forest, Mercer, or Venango counties; who have achieved positive academic records or manifest promise of academic success; and have good moral character. Financial need shall be considered secondarily. Further information can be obtained from the School of Nursing. (814) 676-6591.

Nursing Department Scholarship Endowment

To be considered, students must be a registered nurse working toward a BSN, have a "B" average in nursing courses, 3.0 minimum overall QPA, have financial need and be a full-time Clarion University student.  Candidates should contact the Director of Nursing at Venango Campus for further information.  All scholarship applicants must have recommendations from two nursing instructors, and exhibit service to the University and/or Nursing Profession.

Elizabeth M. McCord Scholarship:

Established by the McCord family in honor of Mrs. McCord and her service to the university's Health Center. Eligible candidates are full-time graduate students in the M.S.N. family program. Second preference is to students with six or more graduate credits each semester. Thereafter, consideration will be given to bachelor's degree students and finally associate degree candidates within the School of Nursing. For further information, contact the School of Nursing at 814-676-6591.

Virgil & Carol Freebourn Endowed Scholarship

This scholarship was established by Royce E. Freebourn in honor of his parents, Virgil & Carol Freeborn.  The purpose of this scholarship is to benefit students attending Clarion University - Venango Campus who are majoring in the nursing program.  Students must be better than average students and demonstrate financial need.  Contact the Nursing Department Chair for further information.

Dr. Julia Donovan Memorial Scholarship

Established by the family and friends of Julia Donovan, PhD, a life-long student and respected educator. Dr. Donovan taught as an Assistant Professor at Clarion University's School of Nursing and the purpose of this award is to provide financial support to students pursuing a career in nursing. Eligibility for consideration includes the requirement that the student must be a graduating ASN student who will pursue the BSN, or enter the RN-MSN program at Clarion University. The student must also have strong academic ability and demonstrate financial need.

Rosemary Coogan Endowed Scholarship

Established by John A. Coogan, Jr.
in memory of his late wife, Rosemary Coogan, who had a long and distinguished nursing career. The endowment will provide annual scholarship(s) that will be awarded to a student(s) currently enrolled in Clarion University's School of Nursing & Allied Health, and majoring in nursing. Candidates must demonstrate academic merit and financial need via FAFSA.

Zonta Club Scholarships

Scholarships made available by the Zonta Club of Oil City-Franklin. Award recipients must be students who reside in Venango County. Consideration is based upon the students' academic record, financial need, and participation in extracurricular activities.

Frank and Clara Williams Scholarship

These scholarships, not limited in number, and not specified in amount, are granted to Venango County residents. Eligible students must be a full-time freshman or sophomore and be enrolled in a four-year degree program. Selection is made based upon financial need and academic record. Applications may be obtained from Stephen Kosak, Box 374, Oil City, PA 16301.

Venango Campus Endowment Scholarships

Endowment established by Venango Campus employees which funds several scholarships for students attending Clarion University's Venango Campus.

Venango Campus Scholarships:

Several scholarships, contributed by Venango Campus employees, available through the Venango Campus Scholarship Committee for students attending Clarion University's Venango Campus.

Greg Vayda Memorial Scholarship

Established by family and friends to honor the memory of Greg Vayda, son of long-time chairman of the Clarion University Special Education Department Ken Vayda and Mrs. Vayda.

UPMC NW Medical Center Women's Auxiliary Health Career Fund Scholarships

Awarded by the Venango Campus Scholarship Committee to Venango, Forest, and Clarion County residents attending Venango Campus for educational purposes in the health career fields.

Laura A. Smedley Scholarships

Scholarships, not limited in number and not specified in amount, are granted to Venango Campus students who are graduates of secondary schools serving Venango County. Eligible students must be full-time students enrolled in any associate degree program. Selection is made based upon financial need and academic record. Instructions for the complete application process can be obtained from Stephen Kosak, Box 374, Oil City, PA 16301. Deadline for submission of application is April 15th.

Regional Vision Leadership Scholarship

This scholarship established by Regional Vision Leadership Development for Rural Northwest Pennsylvania to assist Venango Campus students who exhibit leadership qualities in their community or school.

John N. and Sarah H. Rees Scholarships

Provided through a generous donation from the Rees Charitable Foundation. The gift provides scholarships for Venango Campus students in two areas, academically gifted students and first-time-in-college adult.