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About Honors


A Legacy of Academic Leadership
at Clarion University

The Honors Program at Clarion University was initiated in Fall 1986. President Bond approved the program design developed by an ad hoc committee of Faculty Senate in November 1985.

The proposal addressed administration of the program, curriculum design, co-curricular recommendations, and student membership in the program. Twenty-eight students were recruited for the first classes in Fall 1986. Each year, the program admitted 25 new freshmen.

In Fall 2001, former President Reinhard approved program expansion. The rationale for program expansion was based on programmatic achievements:

  • Quality of faculty, including instructional, scholarly, and artistic contributions and commitment to academically talented students.

  • Quality of admitted students, including academic ability, commitment, and motivation.

  • Resources, including faculty, facilities, services, and administrative support.

  • Learning environment, including the competitiveness and rigor of the intellectual environment.

The 2002 freshmen class included 50 academically talented students, and the program continues to expand enrollment.

Although there have been major changes in various aspects of the program, Clarion University’s commitment to Honors remains the same. Honors scholarships support academically talented students in their undergraduate studies. 

We celebrated our 25th anniversary in 2010-2011.