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AS, Allied Health Program for West Penn Hospital School of Nursing Students


Clarion's AS, Allied Health for WPHSON Students

Clarion's University's Associate of Science with a major in Allied Health is a great academic degree option for diploma nursing students attending the West Penn Hospital School of Nursing (WPHSON).  WPHSON nursing students can earn Clarion's AS, Allied Health degree while completing general education course work required for the WPHSON program. 

Clarion's AS, Allied Health requires completion of a total of 60 credits—30 credits of science and general education course work that must be earned from Clarion University and 30 clinical credits that are awarded for completion of the WPHSON program.  

Upon successful completion of the AS, Allied Health degree program, graduates will have a diploma in nursing from WPHSON and an Associate of Science degree with a major in Allied Health from Clarion University. 

Courses are conveniently taught at Clarion University's Pittsburgh Site that is located next to West Penn Hospital.


Non-Degree Option/Students Transferring in Credits

WPHSON students who have already earned general education credits at colleges or universities other than Clarion may not choose to complete 30 required credits from Clarion to earn the AS, Allied Health degree.  These students may instead choose to take only the Clarion general education courses that they have not completed elsewhere. These students are classified as non-degree majors and, upon graduation, will earn a diploma in nursing from WPHSON. 

Another option for students who have completed some of the general education courses that are required for the WPHSON program at a college or university other than Clarion is to transfer the credits into Clarion and work toward the AS, Allied Health degree.  Students who do this will still be required to complete 30 credits at Clarion to earn the AS degree, but they may take courses that will also be applied toward Clarion's Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.  Students who opt for this route will graduate with the AS, Allied Health degree but will have already  earned credits toward the BSN degree. 

Bachelor of Science in Nursing Option

ASAH graduates are well positioned to enter Clarion University’s on-line Bachelor of Science in Nursing (B.S.N.) degree completion program. 

AS, Allied Health Admission Criteria and Process

Entry into the AS, Allied Health program requires students to be formally admitted to the West Penn Hospital School of Nursing and to also meet the standard admission criteria of Clarion University. The admission process is completed at Clarion University’s Pittsburgh Site.


The following is a sample curriculum for the AS Allied Health program. 

I. Liberal Education Skills  
  a. English Composition 3 Credits
  b. Math Competency 3 Credits
  c. Liberal Education Elective 3 Credits
II. Liberal Knowledge  
  a. Physical and Biological Sciences 3 Credits
  b. Social and Behavioral Sciences 3 Credits
  c. Arts and Humanities 3 Credits
III. General Education Electives

enough to total 30

IV. WPHSON Nursing Courses 30 Credits