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Music: Strategic Plan

During the 2005-06 academic year, the Department of Music developed a strategic plan to carry the department through 2010. This comprehensive plan addresses several areas that will help improve the quality of education for all students taking courses in the Department of Music for years to come.

Strategic Goals:

  1. Attract, enroll, and retain a larger, higher-quality, more diverse student population without reducing a standard slate of course offerings, compromising the quality of students’ education, or jeopardizing retention or graduation rates.
  2. Improve the academic environment within the department.
  3. Create a staff allocation plan that meets current and future curricular needs and stabilizes the faculty complement within the department.
  4. Standardize departmental course offerings without hindering curricular flexibility, exhausting faculty resources, or jeopardizing graduation rates.
  5. Develop an Assessment of Student Learning (ASL) plan.
  6. Create a development plan for the department.

Numerous strategic initiatives have been identified to help us meet each of the strategic goals listed above. Our music faculty and staff work continually to improve the qulaity of edcuation Clarion music students receive.