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Music: Mission


The mission of the Department of Music is to provide the highest quality education for practitioners, scholars, and consumers in the field of music, while promoting the concept that music has broadly applicable intrinsic values.

Our primary objective is to provide students with an exceptionally strong foundation in all aspects of musical study, including performance, theory, history, and pedagogy. 

Additionally, the Department of Music supports the mission and goals of Clarion University, contributes to the breadth of the university's General Education Program, and provides performance and cultural opportunities for the university and the region.


The Department of Music will create a dynamic, active, collaborative, and practical learning environment in which students work together with faculty and peers to achieve significant and meaningful academic, professional, and artistic goals. Fostering tolerance and acceptance of varied and diverse views and beliefs, and developing a desire for and appreciation of life-long learning, participation, and advocacy for music and music education in students will anchor the learning experience. The Department of Music will contribute significantly as a cultural, intellectual, educational, and artistic center for the region.


We believe:



  • A student-centered, active learning environment in which the varied needs of each student are met provides the best opportunity for student achievement and long-term career success.
  • All students may benefit personally and professionally from studying music, and we are committed to creating and maintaining opportunities for all students to study music.
  • The Department of Music plays a significant role in helping to define our community's cultural climate, and are dedicated to advancing this role throughout the region.
  • Fostering a sense of community and ownership among students, faculty and staff is critical to the creation of a positive learning environment.
  • Offering broad-based music curricula is essential to promoting an understanding of music's contextual relationships and broad significance.
  • Participation and achievement in a variety of activities, including academics, performance, and extracurricular activities, are important to a student's long term personal and professional success.