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Faculty and Staff


Kathleen McIntyre, Ph.D.

318 Founders Hall and 210 Harvey Hall

393-2412 and 393-1718

Assistant Professor of History and Director of Women and Gender Studies

Vassar College, B.A.

University of New Mexico, M.A., Ph.D.

Teaching Areas:  Western Civilizations, Latin America, Gender and Sexuality, Historical Methods, and Modern Spain and Portugal.

Research Interests:  Dr. McIntyre's research interests include Mexican Revolution, Gender and Religion, and Native History.


Kathy Shirey                            

Women and Gender Studies Program                                                



Dubois Business College

Kathy is the secretary for the Women and Gender Studies Program and the Physics Department.


Megan Reinert                                    

Women and Gender Studies Program                                                    


Student Assistant

Megan is a student assistant for the Women and Gender Studies Program.  She is a Speech Pathology and Audiology major and a Women and Gender Studies minor.



 The Clarion University Women and Gender Studies Advisory Committee consists of affiliated faculty who advocate for the Program and determine curricula and future directions.


Julia Aaron

317 Founders


Professor of Philosophy

Wayne State University, B.A.

University of Rochester, M.A., Ph.D.

Teaching Areas: Environmental Philosophy, Bioethics, Critical Thinking and Philosophy and Feminism.

Research Interests: Dr. Aaron's research interests are environmental philosophy and various issues in applied ethics.


Donna M. Ashcraft                                       

216 Harvey Hall                                                   


Professor of Psychology

State University of New York College at Buffalo, B.A.

State University of New York at Albany, M.A., Ph.D.

Teaching Areas: Human Sexuality, Health Psychology, Social Psychology, Personality, Psychology of Women

Research Interests:  Dr. Ashcraft is a social psychologist. Her research interest areas include human sexuality, especially research on AIDS, safer sex behaviors, and health psychology. Research interests also include uses of technology in teaching.


Vicky Clark

113 Marwick-Boyd


Assistant Professor of Art

University of California at Los Angeles, B.A., M.A.

University of Michigan, Ph.D.

Teaching Areas:  Modern and Contemporary Art, World Survey, Women in Art

Research Interests:  Dr. Clark's research interests include regional, national, and international contemporary art and issues; conceptually-based exhibitions of contemporary art.


Marie (Jessica) Crespo

115 Frame (Venango Campus)


Assistant Professor of Communication

Franciscan University, B.A.

Wichita State University, M.A.

University of New Mexico, Ph.D.


Melissa Downes

112B Davis


Associate Professor of English

Brown University, B.A.

Boston University, M.A.

University of Iowa, Ph.D.


Carie Forden                                     

306 Montgomery (Venango Campus)                                         


Professor of Psychology, Venango Campus

University of California at Santa Cruz, B.A.

State University of New York at Stony Brook, M.A., Ph.D.

Teaching Areas:  Developmental Psychology, Psychology of Adjustment, Social Adjustment, Social Psychology, Human Behavior in Organizations, and Psychology of Women.

Research Interests:  Dr. Forden is a social psychologist. Her interests are in psychology of women and psychology of education. She writes on philosophical issues in psychology.


Cynthia Kennedy                                        

213 Founders                                          


Professor of History

Eastern College, B.A.

University of Richmond, M.A.

University of Maryland at College Park, Ph.D.

Teaching Areas: U.S. Women's History; Comparative Slavery (U.S./Caribbean); American Revolution & Early American Republic; Civil War and Reconstruction; U.S. History to 1877.

Reserach Interests:  Dr. Kennedy's research interests are the power relations in slave societies (U.S. Caribbean); gender and sexuality (U.S. & comparative); and women and the law.


Janet Knepper

108C Davis


Assistant Professor of English

Portland State University, B.A.

University of Pennsylvania, M.A., Ph.D.

Teaching Areas: Medieval literature, literature by women, and women in literature.

Research Interests: Dr. Knepper's research interests are medieval romance, particularly Arthurian; gender and power in medieval literature; and the theme of women's work in literature from medieval to modern.


Myrna Kuehn                                       

166 Marwick-Boyd                                           


Professor of Speech Communication

Lynchburg College, B.A.

Texas Tech, M.A.

The Pennsylvania State University, Ph.D.

Teaching Areas:  Fundamentals of Speech, Business and professional Speaking, Communication Skills for Managing Conflict, Organizational Communication, Advanced Small Group Decision Making, Communication Consulting.

Research Intersts:  Dr. Kuehn teaches several different courses, most of which center on communication skills for business and organizations. Organizational communication is her primary research area and Conflict Management is a large part of that.


Scott Kuehn                                       

G62 Becker                                          


Professor of Mass Media Arts, Journalism, and Communication Studies

Purdue University, B.A.

Northern Illinois University, M.A.

The Pennsylvania State University, Ph.D.

Teaching Areas:  Communication Research, Communication Law, New Media Technologies, Media Criticism

Research Interests:  Dr. Kuehn's research interests include media portrayals of women, especially those centered in rock music and music videos.  Dr. Kuehn has served a number of years on the Governing Board of PASSAGES, Inc.


Richard Nicholls                                                

228 Harvey Hall                                              


Professor of Psychology

Monmouth College, B.A.

Texas Tech University, Ph.D.

Teaching Areas: Dr. Nicholls teaches Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences, Research Methods Laboratory, and General Psychology. 

Research Interests:  Dr. Nicholls' research interests are in the areas of animal learning, conditioning, and memory. He is a founding member of the Women and Gender Studies Program and currently a Board Member of P.A.S.S.A.G.E.S.


Laurie Occhipinti

316 Founders


Professor of Anthropology

University of Massachusetts at Amherst, B.A. summa cum laude McGill University, M.A., Ph.D.

Teaching Areas: Cultural Anthropology, Religion, Economic Development

Research Interests:  Dr. Occhipinti's research focuses on the role of faith-based organizations in economic development.  Her book, "Acting on Faith" was published in the fall of 2005. In February 2009, she published a book "Bridging the Gaps," on faith-based organizations in Latin America.


Miguel Olivás-Lujan

218 Still


Professor of Administrative Science

Tecnólogico de Monterrey, M.B.A.

University of Pittsburgh, Ph.D.

Teaching Areas:  Leadership, Organizational Behavior, Organizational Theory, Strategy, Business & Society, Corporate Social Responsibility, Compensation Management, Labor Relations & Public Policy, Negotiations, Operations Management and Information Systems, Research in Business, International Business, Global Human Resource Management

Research Intersts:  Dr. Miguel's research interests are Gender in Management, Hispanics and Business, Electronic/automated Human Resource Management, Evidence-Based Management, Diffusion of Innovations, Cross-cultural Values in Business, Ethical Decision Making, Workplace Bullying, Christian/Catholic Social Thought, Information Technologies


Catherine Petrissans

218 Still


Professor of Sociology

Loyola Marymount University, B.A.

University of California-Riverside, M.A., Ph.D.


Jamie Phillips                                           

315 Founders Hall                                                          


Professor of Philosophy

University of Missouri-Columbia, B.A, History

University of Missouri-Columbia, M.A., Philosophy

University of Missouri-Columbia, Ph.D., Philosophy

Teaching Areas:  Epistemology, Philosophy of Science, Philosophy of Mind

Research Interests:  Dr. Phillips research interests are the philosophical underpinnings of feminist thought and the feminist movement.  He is a long-time member of Clarion University's Presidential Commission on the Status of Women. 


Susan Prezzano                                                  

310 Founders                                                  


Professor of Anthropology

SUNY-Geneseo, B.A.

Binghamton University, M.A., Ph.D.

Teaching Areas:  Archaeology, Human Ecology, Biological Anthropology, Women and Culture

Research Interests:  Dr. Prezzano is an archaeologist whose interests are in the origins of agriculture, tribal and ranked societies, and gender and archaeology.



Jeanne Slattery

232 Harvey Hall


Professor of Psychology

Illinois State University, B.A.

Miami University, M.A., Ph.D.


Kevin Stemmler                                                        

112D Davis                                              


Professor of English

Indiana University of Pennsylvania, B.A., M.A.

University of Pittsburgh, Ph.D.

Teaching Areas: Writing, British Literature, film

Research Interests:  Dr. Stemmler's research interests are Women in film and representations of women in literature. He works with various volunteer groups, particularly the Susan G. Komen Foundation for Breast Cancer Research.


Barry Sweet

306 Founders    


Professor of Political Science     

Washington and Jefferson College, B.A.

West Virginia University, M.D. Ph.D.

University of Pittsburgh, J.D.                 


Gerald Thomas

365 Science and Technology Center


Associate Professor of Geography

University of Calgary, B.A.


University of Kentucky, Ph.D.


Kathleen Welsch

112A Davis


Associate Professor of English

Seton Hill College, B.A.

Virginia Commonwealth University, M.A.

University of Pittsburgh, Ph.D.

Teaching Areas:  Composition: pedagogy, writing centers, writing across the curriculum; Writing: nonfiction prose, writing for children & teens, grant proposals; Working-Class Literature

Research Interests:  Dr. Welsch's research interests are letter writing, nineteenth-century textbooks & student writing.