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Clarion University completed a comprehensive brand marketing initiative in September 2008, resulting in a new approach for how Clarion University communicates with prospective and current students, their parents and families, counselors, alumni and friends, and faculty and staff. The university's website is a direct result of the initiative. We are also revising all official publications to reflect the new brand. The new website, which incorporates a content management system, empowers academic departments and other university entities to more easily update their content on the Web, while staying within the look and feel of the new brand.

All promotional advertising is placed through this office. Proposals should be emailed to this office.

As part of an integrated marketing approach, marketing works closely with Enrollment Management and Student and University Affairs.

Clarion University is:

The high-achieving, nationally recognized, comprehensive university that delivers a personal and challenging academic experience. We seek diverse, motivated undergraduate and graduate students who want to learn and grow in a small and supportive environment that promotes exploration and discovery. Our strong faculty and staff are deeply committed to serving students as individuals from whom they expect excellence and personal integrity. We provide extensive, hands-on learning and professional preparation through nationally competitive academic programs and effective community, regional and national partnerships that contribute to the economic vitality of our region. As a result, our graduates have a competitive edge in their careers and are socially, civically and academically prepared to be active citizens of the global society.

Our Promise is:

Expectation and support of personal achievement

Clarion University has:

  • Strong faculty and staff committed to serving every student as an individual;
  • A small and supportive environment that promotes exploration and discovery;
  • Nationally competitive academic programs with hands-on professional preparation;
  • Effective community, regional and national partnerships.