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Community Relations: Economic Impact

Economic impact nearly $300 million

The total estimated annual economic of Clarion University of Pennsylvania is nearly $300 million according to an economic impact study conducted by the Pennsylvania State System of Higher Education (PASSHE).

For every $1 invested in PASSHE by the Commonwealth, the Universities return more than $10 in economic impact. That includes total spending by the Universities, as well as spending by faculty and staff, students and their families, and other campus visitors.

In addition to the economic impact generated, Clarion also provides an impact on the region through the many resources that are offered and featured on this page.

Economic Impact Study

Barnes Center for Biotechnology Business Development

Center for Applied Research and Intellectual Property Development

Science and Applied Research

Small Business Development Center


Core Consulting Services


Business Resources Guide

Public Resource Center

Bureau of Business and Economic Research

Center for Accounting Education and Research

Center for Economic Education

Center for Legal Education

Data Analysis and Research Center

Henry G. Burns Center for Finance and Insurance

Center for Natural Resources