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Visual Identity/Logo


The following contains material found in the Visual Identity Manual (1992), the Publications Style Guide (1990), and the User's Guide to Publications and Printing (1998). The section entitled "Style Guide for University Publications" is the basis for editorial practices at PAGES—Printing and Graphics Express Services at Clarion University—but can be adopted for other uses as well.


Visual Identity

The visual image of an institution reflects its values, ambitions, and basic nature. A cohesive visual style conveys a sense of identity and personality, and creates recognition and understanding. Clarion University of Pennsylvania's visual identity program is a response to the impact that public perceptions have on the university's ability to perform its mission.

The following contains guidelines for maintaining the Clarion University visual identity program. This program-more than just a wordmark or logo-is a complete system for visual management whose goal is to create a consistent Clarion University "look."

PAGES has been designated as interpreter and creative director of the visual identity guidelines to ensure a consistent visual image for the university. Approval for logo use comes from PAGES, except for marketing and commercial applications through the university's licensing program, which are approved by the assistant vice president for student and university relations.


The Logo

All printing for public distribution must carry an official university logo (PAGES places the appropriate logo prior to printing). The logo will be used on all published material as a single graphic element.

Use of the logo in printed materials not produced by PAGES requires written approval from the university's director of printing services.


The logo must appear in:

  • black and white

  • single color-PMS (Pantone Matching System)

  • two colors-PMS 281 blue and PMS 871 gold

  • CMYK

Logo Usage and Composition

The logo is the primary visual identity of the institution and is to be used on all stationery, merchandise, and printed and electronic publications intended for off-campus use. The logo must always contain the wordmark and icon as shown and should be printed in the previously outlined color. Screening the logo is not acceptable.

The logo is customized artwork and type. As such, the university requires that electronic files or camera-ready artwork be used to create all forms of communication. DO NOT attempt to recreate the logo using desktop publishing, word processing, or pulling it from the Web. Electronic files for use in publications, etc., can only be supplied by PAGES.

The wordmark portion of the logo is an altered version of a specialized typeface. Its exact form cannot be duplicated.

When ordering or preparing materials for printing, allow for space around the logo so it stands out as a separate entity. PAGES personnel can help you determine how much space to leave for it.

Logo Size

The logo should never be used in a format less than .75 inches wide.


Incorrect Usage of Logos:


  • shift the elements of the logo, i.e., icon on the right or top of wordmark

  • stretch or change the proportions of the logo

  • change the font of the wordmark

  • rotate or angle the logo

  • separate or screen the icon

Alterations to Logo

No alterations to the logo are permissible. Only PAGES can alter or otherwise reconfigure the logo. Please contact the office for specifics.

For any use of the Wordmark or Combined Logo, signed authorization is required from the manager of printing services. To gain authorization, a form detailing the use and how it will appear is required. In accordance with university policy. Failure to comply can result in the user being required to personally pay for the printing or other expenses.

The Eagle Icon as Decoration/Merchandising

The C-Eagle Icon is already in common usage throughout the university. When not used as the official logo, the C-Eagle Icon is permitted for use on flags, athletic gear, promotional items, such as coffee mugs, etc., as a decoration with the following stipulations.

  • PMS 871 must be matched exactly, or as closely as possible, where PMS matching capabilities do not exist.

  • The icon cannot be altered, stretched, or otherwise changed.

  • The icon cannot be used with any type other than the wordmark without permission from the university's director of printing services or licensing director.

PAGES provides policy-compliant designs for promotional items, including T-shirts, pens, tote bags, mugs, etc., purchased through its promotional items division.

Licensing: Note to Vendors

The guidelines contained herein are the Visual Identity of Clarion University. Whether purchased by the university or by outside funding, the university reserves the right to reject delivery of a payment for any products or printing containing unauthorized or incorrect usages of the Clarion logo.

Any external use of these images must be approved by the university licensing director/assistant vice president for student and university relations. Clarion University's licensing program is administered through the:

Collegiate Licensing Company
290 Interstate North, Suite 200
Atlanta, GA 30339
Telephone: 770-956-0520
Fax: 770-955-4491

Type in Conjunction with Combined Logo

The university authorizes several type fonts to be used with the logo:

  • Goudy

  • Helvetica

  • Filosophia

  • Trade Gothic

For documents submitted to PAGES, those typefaces will be substituted for any contained in the document.

All documents produced at PAGES will utilize those fonts, except at the discretion of PAGES.

Special Additions to Logo

Certain additions to the logo are authorized by PAGES. Please contact the office for specifics.


Logo as a Signature

The logo may be used as a headline on the covers of brochures, flyers, handbooks, and various other publications where visually appropriate. However, it must be separated from other type to avoid bleeding with other words. When cover placement is not feasible, the logo can be used elsewhere in the publication as a signature.


Logo on Newsletters

Newsletters are to carry standard publishing information that includes a current affirmative action statement and logo provided by PAGES. The statement should read as follows:

(Publication name) is published periodically by (office), (mailingaddress), (editor's name and other publishing information, if desired). Articles within the publication reflect the philosophy of(office or department publishing), and do not necessarily representthe official position of Clarion University of Pennsylvania.Clarion University is an affirmative action equal opportunity employer.


The Venango Campus Logo

Usage of the Venango Campus logo follows the same guidelines and color specifications as the official Clarion University logo.


Other University Symbols

sealThe University Seal

The Clarion University seal is for formal applications such as diplomas and official documents.



eagle mascotsports logoThe Athletic Logo

The Golden Eagle is the official university mascot. Either the Eagle icon or the Clarion Athletic Logo may be used for sporting events, gear, etc. When using the Eagle icon, the same colors and regulations for the combined logo must be followed.




shieldThe Clarion Coat of Arms

Clarion's Coat of Arms, developed in 1968, is an internal archival emblem. It may be used for special ceremonial or historic occasions on banners or similar applications.