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Calendar Tool

The Calendar tool allows you to arrange and visualize your course events in multiple views and enables integration of course content and your Calendar.

You can use iCal to synchronize the Calendar tool to your personal calendars (such as Outlook and Google Calendar, as well as iPhone, Android, and Blackberry).

There are two different types of events in the Calendar tool:

•Availability events
Availability events indicate the availability and due dates of course objects in the Calendar tool. Within a course, all objects for that course that you enable to display in the calendar will be visible. You can set due dates for course objects, edit, and delete availability events directly from the Calendar tool.

•General (Content) events
These are events you create within the Calendar tool. You can create multiple events for the same course object, and include details of presenters, location, and seating chart for the event.



Managing Calendar - The basic calendar features such as creating, editing, deleting, and printing are covered on this page.

Features - This page will introduce additional calendar features and how to use each feature.

iCal - If you are interested in using iCal to keep track of your course calendars, this page will outline the steps necessary to set up and use iCal effectively.