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What's so great about the field of communication is the diversity of job opportunities for individuals working within the field.  Such a variety of jobs allows for employees to work in several different aspects of communication throughout their career. 

Students can go on to work as an advertising specialist or a creative director for an advertising company.  The career diversity as a writer is endless in the field of journalism as students can start out as a reporter and work their way up to a publisher for a newspaper.  Broadcast journalism majors also have several options ranging from a general manager for a television station to news director to sports anchor.  Majoring in film can lead to a job as a casting director, producer, or screenplay writer.  Studying Public Relations could lead to a job in media relations or public information. Majoring in corporate communication allows employees to manage the internal and external communication of a business.

As for a major in communication studies, students can apply their skills to government, business, educator, and media among other areas. The possibilities are endless for students earning their degree in the field of communication.  By properly preparing themselves through their coursework, internships, and career development, students leaving the Department of Communication can start their career in an expanding field.