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Exploration Survey

Exploration Survey
Clarion University Exploration Survey

Congratulations on participating in AE 102: Exploration, a component of the Clarion University Transitions Program!

It is likely that completing the Exploration series helped you to be more successful at Clarion University this semester.  Students who complete Exploration earn higher grade point averages and complete more credits each semester than students who do not.

The Transitions Team would appreciate feedback from you.  Your responses will be anonymous and will help us to plan for next year’s program.  Please complete this short survey, and press the “Submit” button at the end to send your responses automatically. 

Please know that your feedback is invaluable.  It is only through your responses that we can improve for next year's students.

1. Which Exploration sessions were most or least important for you?  Rank each of the following sessions by checking one of the boxes below.
 If you did not attend a specific session, just leave it blank.
Somewhat Important Very Important
Exploration Sessions
1 2 3
a. Retrospection and Goal Setting (with your RA, CA, or other leader)
b. E-Discover (in Carlson Library Computer Lab)
c. Career Research (with your RA, CA, or other leader, Holland Inventory, personality types, create a sample resumé)
d. Career Experiences and the Co-Curricular Transcript (in Carlson Library Computer Lab)


What was the most helpful thing that you learned or step that you took as a result of the Exploration series?



We are making major changes to Exploration for next year.  What should we change about Exploration for next year's new students?



What additional comments do you have about the Exploration series?