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D2L Login Instructions

 Desire2Learn Login Instructions for Faculty

Logging into D2L | What is my D2L username/password? | What do I do if I am unable to log in?

 Logging into Desire2Learn

1. Navigate to the Desire2Learn login page (

2. In the Login box on the left side of the page, enter your username and password into the appropropriate fields, then click the Login button.


 What is my D2L username?

Your D2L username is the same as your Clarion username (e.g. or  You must include the with your username.  Your D2L password will be the same password you use with your Clarion user login (same as email, iClarion, Web for Faculty). 

To confirm your Clarion username, you can check the directory. Your email address and username are the same.

 What do I do if I am unable to log in?

If you are not successful in logging into D2L, please try the following steps:

  • Password Change: To change your password, go to and select the Password Change from the web services list on the right. Wait about 5 minutes, then try logging in again.

  • Contact LTC Support: If a password change does not resolve the issue, please contact