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How to Write


Writing Clearly and Well

Few people are born strong writers, yet throughout our professional lives, psychologists must write frequently and rapidly, making decisions that can have significant consequences on people around us. When we write well, we save ourselves time, do our job better, and are evaluated more positively. When we don't write well, we take more time to do our job less well. These pages can help you write better.


What do We Expect and How to Get There

  • What we are looking for in a strong paper

  • How can you write a good essay? This is excerpted and modified from Carmichael, Driscoll & Farrell (nd).


Guidelines for Using Sources, and Citing and Referencing Them

Stylistic and Grammatical Issues

  • Purdue University's Online Writing Lab offers a range of writing resources to address many writing-related issues.

  • William Strunk's Elements of style is a short, sweet and clear description of basic grammatical and stylistic issues in writing.

  • Do you want to say accept or except? click or clique? compliment or complement? Paul Brians' Common errors in English usage is the place to look to answer these questions.

  • How to write good — pithy and funny advice. (from Kim Meyer)