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UTAC Summary, 2010-JAN-26+

UTAC 26-JAN-2010 Meeting Summary

Note: Note: This meeting summary includes business conducted at the 26-JAN-2010 meeting and related follow-up items that the committee agreed to complete via e-mail during the period 2/2010 - 3/2010).

Attendance:  Art Acton, Dave Hartley, Terry Latour, Julie London, Bob Nulph, Sam Puleio, Steve Selker, Debbie Sobina,

Tech Fee Updates

The UTAC recommendation for funding Summer 2010 Tech Fee renewal projects was approved by PEC in December.  The committee reviewed and approved a very condensed timeline to complete the standard UTAC cycle for Tech Fee renewal projects (which typically begins in the fall).  The full process including the full UTAC review and the final approval from PEC needs to be completed by early April in order to complete the procurement and project installation steps in time for the fall semester start-up.  Based on the revised timeline,the committee reviewed a report from the Tech Fee Renewal Subcommittee on March 17. Former Tech Fee projects (generally installed within the last 3-6 years) were reviewed based on the project/component renewal process previously established with UTAC. UTAC approved the renewal projects which included items for the Financial Trading Floor (software/data subscriptions services), CIS Advanced Computer Lab (lifecycle PC replacement), Library Laptops (lifecycle replacements - Carlson, Suhr), Radio Station (transmitter, studio software maintenance), Area Desks Labs (lifecycle PC and laptop replacement), Library Science Computer Lab (lifecycle laptop replacement), Venango Synchron (software license renewal), Neurophysiology Research Lab (lifecyle laptop replacement),  Communications Department Video Technology (lifecycle replacement of video camera kits and associated Mac Pros and software), MEDIA <Music, Art, Publications, Digital Post> Computer Labs (lifecycle PC/Mac replacement), Threatre Design Lab (lifecycle macbook replacement), and Video conferencing equipment for Cart Auditorium (lifecycle replacement of ITV unit).  Three projects were given a one year deferral (with continuing maintenance support this year) and recommended to be included in the Summer 2011 renewal process next academic year.  Twelve smart classrooms are also targeted for component ugprades for summer 2010 under the Tech Fee smart classroom initiative.  The renewal project recommendations will be escalated to the Provost and the President's Executive Council. Approved projects will be implemented summer 2010.

Regarding 09-10 UTAC recommendations for the five "new" projects and the "phase 4" smart classroom initiative, those Tech Fee recommendations remain on hold per PEC.  These recommendations will be reconsidered at the end of current academic year based on the status of the budget.  Due to the budget issues, there will not be a 2010-11 call for Tech Fee proposals for new projects.


The committee reviewed the current status of the PASSHE Learning Management System (LMS) / Learning Content Management System (LCMS) RFP.  As recently announced by the Provost, the LMS RFP was awarded to Desire2Learn (D2L) and the LCMS RFP was awarded to the Learning Edge (Equella).  As such, D2L will replace Blackboard at Clarion.  The implementation timelines are under discussion with PASSHE, the Presidents, and the vendors.  A final decision is expected in February.


Acceptable Use Policy

Per updated Board of Governors (BOG) policy regarding Acceptable Use of Technology requirements, numerous updates are required to the Clarion Acceptable Use of Technology Resources policy to address updated regulatory requirements from the Commonwealth. A draft new policy was provided to the committee based on a model provided by legal counsel. UTAC members will review and comment on the draft and recommendations for the new policy will be advanced to the Provost and PEC.

Misc. Updates

  • ESIS: ESIS is a project that will provide a new Student Information System for the university. Our current system, SIS-Plus, is nearing the end of its product life and will be terminated by the vendor on 1-JUL-2011. Starting NOV-2009 and continuing over the next 21 months, we will implement the Oracle Peoplesoft Campus Solutions system. We obtained the Peoplesoft system through a collaborative process with PASSHE and sister universities that are also in need of a new system. Our implementation partners for this project will be Bloomsburg, and Kutztown Universities. As ESIS is launched in 2011, a number of related projects will need to be considered by UTAC in 2010-11 to replace related systems that rely on the legacy SIS-Plus operating environment. Those projects include Employee E-mail and SAS Statistical Software. For employee e-mail, PASSHE is releasing a RFP to examine possible providers of employee e-mail service. UTAC will assess the outcome of that RFP and determine the next course of action with the employee e-mail replacement as either a hosted service from the RFP or a local replacement project. A subcommittee will be activated to assess the SAS VMS replacement/migration approach
  • Faculty PC's: Annual inventories have been completed for faculty PC's. However, funding for the next round of upgrades is currently frozen due to the budget issues. As with the new Tech Fee projects, the possible budget for faculty PC updrades will be re-examined by PEC at the end of the current academic year.
  • Panopto: The Distance Ed committee is coordinating a pilot of a new streaming media program from Panopto. When compared to our current Sonic Foundry streaming solution, Panopto offers some very nice potential advantages with much greater flexibility with the tools that faculty can use to record content.