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Intro to D2L

 What is Desire2Learn?

Please note that your professor has complete control over the content placed in your D2L class site. Your professor will indicate how often you should check D2L and what content will be made available. Content that you might find in the D2L course shell may include but are not limited to:

1. Announcements
2. Syllabus
3. Discussion Questions
4. Quizzes or Exams
5. Instructor information such as office hours, phone number and email
6. Course Content: PowerPoint files, class notes, short videos and/or external links, etc.

D2L Navigation

Course Access

To access a course do one of the following:


1. Click on the desired course name from the My Courses widget. Note: You may need to click on the arrow chevron to the right of the semester heading to expand your course listing. You can also collapse the previous semester course listings in the same manner.

2. Or, you can click on the down arrow in the mini bar to reveal a list of available courses. Note: At the start of a new semester you may need to click the drop-down menu that can be found next to the Search for a Course field and make sure you've selected by Course Name in order to actually be able to see your new courses.


Course Selector


My Home

When you log into D2L, your My Home page will be displayed and is blocked into content areas called "widgets." Your My Home widgets include: "News" from Clarion's D2L administrator, "D2L Help" support information, "My Courses" which displays your list of courses, and "Calendar".


A navigation mini bar appears across the top of every page, and provides convenient access to courses without returning to "My Home." The alerts area indicates when there are news updates,  item end dates, new discussion items and provides access to your logout, profile, and notification settings.


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Course Home

The Course Home page is the first page of every course. Here, you will find widgets called "Updates" displaying course information (such as unread discussion posts or quizzes that need taken), "News" for announcements from your instructor, and Calendar which may display course events and assignments.



To navigate to your course content and tools such as discussions, quizzes, etc., access links in the horizontal navigation bar drop down menus above the Course home page widgets.