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Use the Schedule tool to manage course-related or personal events. You can view dates posted for courses, such as project due dates, office hours, and exam information, or you can add personal events to track groups meetings, milestones, and deadlines. As an added bonus, you can see course events from every class in the same calendar.

Accessing the Schedule Tool | Printing a Schedule or Event | Adding a Personal Event
Add an Event using Quick Add | Changing Schedule Settings and Display Options

 Accessing the Schedule Tool

To access your Schedule, you can click the Events button in the Events widget on a Course Homepage, or click the Calendar button in the Calendar Widget on a Course Homepage.


From the main Schedule page you can:

See a single day, week, or a month at a time.

Use the Day, Week, and Month tabs across the top of the page to change the calendar display. You can also click the date in the monthly and weekly view to switch to the day view.

View the events for a specific day clicking a specific date on the Date Picker and also on the Schedule Grid.

 Printing a Schedule or Event

Printing a Schedule


1. On the Schedule page, select the day, week, or monthly view depending what you want to print.

2. Navigate to the day, week, or month you want to print.

3. Click on the Print button.

4. In the pop-up window, click on the Print button again.

Printing an Event

1. On the Schedule page, click the link for the event.

2. Click on the Print button.

3. In the pop-up window, click on the Print button again.

 Adding a Personal Event


1. Click the New Event icon on the top tool bar.

2. Type the title for your event in the Title field.

3. If you want to add a description, click the Description field and type a description.

4. If you want to keep the event private, select the Private Event checkbox. This shows only that you have an event scheduled for the day and time you set, but hides its details from other users.

5. Change the priority of the event to your preferences from the Priority drop-down menu.

6. If you want to, add a link in the Link field.

7. Select a Start and End date/time for your event.

8. If you want the event to repeat, click the Update button beside the Repeats checkbox and choose a pattern for the recurrence in the pop-up menu.

9. Decide whether to make the event personal by clicking on the Personal radio button or not in the Event Access area.

10. Click on the Save button, or to create another event, click on the Save and New button.

 Add an Event using Quick Add


1. Click on the Quick Add button.

2. Enter a heading for your event in the Title textbox.

3. Select a Start date/time for the event.

4. Click on the Add button.

 Changing Schedule Settings and Display Options

The Settings Options page allows the user to choose the display options (Day and Week view) and the Schedule access options.


The Display Options page allows users to choose the types of events shown in the calendar. Users can view events from all courses by choosing that option on this page.