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Respondus is software used to convert Word documents into files that can be uploaded into D2L and placed in your course as quizzes, surveys, personal assessments, or sections of questions in your Question Library.

Note: You will need Respondus 4.0.5 to publish directly to your course in D2L. Instructions for downloading Respondus are available at

Creating Questions in Word | Importing to Respondus | Exporting to D2L | Export QTI XML D2L Fix

Creating the Questions in Word

1. Each question must be numbered and the answers must be marked with an asterisk.


Note: The auto formatting in Microsoft Word will need turned off.

2. Save the documents as a .doc, .docx, .rtf, or .txt file.

Importing Questions into Respondus

1. Launch Respondus.
2. Click import questions.

3. Select the type of file you want to import from the drop-down menu. Then click Browse to find your file. Name your file and click Preview. If any problems arise with your documents, a dialog box will appear. Other warning and notifications may present themselves in the bottom box. If there are no problems, click Finish. A box that says File Saved will pop up. Click OK.



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Exporting to D2L

1. From the Edit screen, click on the Preview/Publish tab.


2. Click on the Publish side tab. Select the Publish Wizard.



Note: Steps 3-5 only need done the first time you use Respondus. This will be set up every time after.
3. Select add new server from the drop-down menu.

4. Mark No. I want to enter the server settings manually. Click Next.

5. Log into D2l and enter one of your courses. Copy the URL and paste it into the first line of the Respondus form. Click Extract. Type a description and your D2L username and password into the remaining fields.

Note: For security purposes, it is recommended to not check the Remember my username and password box. You will have to enter your username and password each time if you don't select that box.
6. Select which course you want to import the questions into. Choose Question Library and name the section that will hold the questions. Click Next.

Note: Creating quizzes and personal assessments are done on this screen as well. To create either of the options mentioned, just select that particular option from the screen.
7. A screen will appear and tell you the status of the questions. When the questions are all successfully exported and published, click Finish.


If you are using Respondus version 4.0, you will need to use the QTI XML Option to create a .zip file to be uploaded into your D2L course. Follow the instructions below:

 1. From the Publish Wizard > choose Export QTI XML for manual upload > Next


2. Select Assessment type and Assessment options (The image chooses quiz and leaves the defaults selected)
3. Select "Save as" > Browse to a location for saving the resulting Desire2Learn Export file (Zip) > Click "OK" at the Respondus Save confirmation screen.
4. Select "Finish."


IMPORT the file into Desire2Learn using the following steps:

            1. Login as an instructor and select the desired course.
            2. Select the "Edit Course" link.
            3. Click "Import/Export/Copy Components."
            4. Choose "Import Components" and "From a File" and then browse to the zip package saved in Step #3
            5. Click Next; click Next again after the preprocessing step
            6. At the Select Course Material screen, locate the "Import file to:" field
            7. Enter the EXACT file name shown in Respondus (it's case-sensitive):
            8. Choose "Select All Components" and click Next twice
            9. The imported quiz will be available from the Quizzes area of the course

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