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ManageMyID is an online service providing students and parents the ability to view and/or manage student's campus card account. It provides valuable information about your account balances and spending history, while enabling deposits to the campus card account.  Turning off a campus card that has been lost is also a very important feature of ManageMyID.

Features now available to you online

Make online deposits:  Students, parents, and guests may deposit money to the campus card account via credit card from the convenience of your own computers. Deposits made to eagle and flex dollar accounts are available immediately for students' use.

View balance inquires: Students may display account balances in real time. View meal plan balance, eagle and/or flex dollar balance and printing balance. 

Check transaction histories: Transaction histories can be displayed for up to the past six months.

Report cards lost or stolen:  Deactivate your lost or stolen card immediately and remove all access and spending privileges from the card. 

How to use ManageMyID

You can access ManageMyID at:

First, the student must register as a new user by using their Clarion University student email address, password, and ID number.  An email will then be sent to the student confirming registration.  At that time, the student can proceed to access their ID card account by using the Clarion University email address and password.

Parents and guests can add money to a student's account by using the Clarion University student ID number.

At the current time, we can only accept Visa and Mastercard, but will be accepting Discover and American Express in the near future. Please check back at the MMID site for updates on this site.

If you have any questions regarding ManageMyID, you can contact the Residence Life Services Office at 814-393-2352 or email