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Rehabilitative Sciences

Rehabilitative Sciences

FBI KIOSK will be in 212 Stevens Hall on these dates:
 Fall 2014 - ____________________ 

 DATE for TB TESTS & Scheduling of Physicals:

Third week of each semester.

 Keeling Health Center, call 814-393-2121 for additional information.


The Internship is the culminating experience of a Rehabilitative Science major consisting of two 8-week placements.  Please read through carefully in order to obtain all necessary documents required by the experience.

  • Rehabilitative Sciences Checklist of Requirements - (DOC)

  • Rehabilitative Sciences Student Manual - Part I, (PDF)

  • Rehabilitative Sciences Student Manual - Part II, (PDF)

  • Rehabilitative Sciences Student Intern Data Form (PDF)

  • Rehab Science Fieldwork Expectations (PDF)

  • Rehabilitative Sciences Confidentiality Statement (PDF)

  • Policy on Withdrawal, Reassignment and/or Termination of a Field Assignment (DOC)

  • Clearances - FBI, Act 33 & 34:
    Follow the specific directions for each clearance to receive them.  All clearance information must be submitted to the Office of Field Services (OFS), 102 Stevens Hall, before any field experience can begin. 

PLEASE NOTE: These clearances are valid as long as you are continuously enrolled in the university.  To be continuously enrolled, you must take at least one course each academic semester until you graduate.

  • Rehabilitative Sciences Liability Insurance:
    This insurance is required prior to the beginning of the internship experience.  This insurance can be purchased by Rehabilitative Science majors through the Healthcare Providers Service Organization for $29 per year. The liability requirement coverage is $1,000,000.