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Continuing Education


The Office of Continuing Education provides the community with a variety of course offerings. Using the large resource pool established within the university and community talent, Continuing Education customizes and develops programs to meet the needs of the general public. Continuing Education activities fall into several program types: AmeriCorps, Certificate Programs, CLEP, Ed2Go, First Step/Second Step preschool, Kids in College, Noncredit Offerings, SeniorLink, Highly Qualified Program for Paraprofessionals, and WEDnetPA funding for training Pennsylvania’s workforce.



America Reads and Keystone SMILES is a private non-profit agency dedicated to strengthening communities and sharing federal, state, and local resources to provide people of all ages an opportunity to put learning into action through service-learning experiences and serves Clarion, Venango, Mercer and Lawrence counties. Clarion University students who apply and are accepted into the program enroll in the AmeriCorps Work Study Program during the summer.

Certificate Programs:

Continuing Education designs certificate programs to meet the needs of the student. Certificates are completed through a combination of credit courses and/or non-credit course offerings. Examples of these certificate programs include but are not limited to: Advanced Medical Technician, Executive Bookkeeping Assistant, Legal Office Management, Massage Therapy, Medical Coding, Medical Office Supervisor, Pharmacy Technician, Phlebotomy Technician, Production Supervisor, and Program Evaluation for Public and Nonprofit Agencies.

The Coordinator of Continuing Education is responsible for recruitment, enrollment, scheduling and tracking of all processes involving the certificate students. Attendance, grades, and jobs obtained are closely monitored and tracked by the coordinator. The coordinator serves as the primary contact person for these students to ensure an effective and efficient communication link for providing support and services needed by each student.

College Level Exam Placement:

College Level Exam Placement (CLEP) testing allows students to earn college credits based on their knowledge in specific fields. More than five million people have used CLEP to complete their college degree in record time and save valuable tuition dollars. Tests are scheduled every other month throughout the year.

Ed2Go, formerly Gatlin Education Services (GES):

Offers online open enrollment programs designed to provide instruction that promotes the skills necessary to acquire professional positions for many in-demand occupations. Online training reaches students outside of commuting distance and provides greater access to skilltraining programs for those that are trying to work and go to school at the same time.

First Step/Second Step Preschool:

The program has been in operation for over forty years and has served the community with educational opportunities for children ages three to five. The program was created to help children prepare socially for school. The objectives of the program are to create positive self-esteem, individuality and creativity through experimenting with hands-on experiences, learning centers and structured activities.

Highly Qualified program for paraprofessionals:

These workshops are designed to assist teacher aides in all settings to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to carry out their responsibilities in a competent manner and to contribute to the overall mission of their organization. The content includes a full day of training for special education for the “highly qualified” workshop. In addition, participants will receive a certificate designating them as a “highly qualified” paraeducator which is mandated requirement for many aide positions in the public schools.

Kids in College:

This week-long, summer enrichment program provides children in the community in grades K-8 an opportunity to experience topics and activities that they may not otherwise experience. The program offers Discovery Camps, Travel Camps and Technology Camps with a focus on Science, Technology, Math and Engineering. The tenth annual Kids in College program was offered in 2010 serving close to 100 area children.

Non-credit Offerings: 

These courses do not carry academic credit and do not require admission to the university. Reasons for pursuing non-credit courses include gaining job skills, personal or professional development, or enrichment; included in non-credit would be CEUs for educational professionals (ACT 48 credits)


This program provides older adults education for and access to computers. This program is geared to individuals 50 years of age and older. Offered are a variety of classes for the beginning computer user to the more advanced.


Pennsylvania offers qualified employers the opportunity to train new and existing employees through the Guaranteed Free Training (GFT) Program offered through WEDnetPA. Each provider/WEDnetPA partner serves as the point of contact for businesses accessing Guaranteed Free Training (GFT) funds.