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The Clarion Difference


Clarion's strong faculty and staff are committed to serving every student as an individual.

For example, economics professor Sandra Trejos hosts study sessions and online chat rooms the night before a big test. As a result, students learn better and achieve more

Clarion's small and supportive environment promotes exploration and discovery.

For example, unlike at larger universities, at Clarion students will never have a graduate assistant as a professor. As a result, students learn from seasoned and credentialed experts.

Clarion's nationally competitive academic programs offer hands-on professional preparation.

For example, Clarion's history program prepares students for post-Clarion success. As a result, Heather Roberts ('08) was accepted into the graduate program in ancient history at Indiana University - Bloomington, one of the premier departments in the country and the editorial home of the most prestigious history journals in the United States. Ms. Roberts will receive approximately $250,000 of guaranteed support over five years.

Clarion's partnerships offer students community, regional, national and international opportunities.

For example,to help meet the growing need for respiratory care professionals, the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center has joined forces with Clarion to launch a two-year respiratory care program at Clarion's Venango Campus. As a result, Clarion students have an additional program that will increase their opportunities for professional success.

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