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Natural Gas Technology

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Venango College of Clarion University offers a concentration in Natural Gas Technology within its Associate of Applied Science in Industrial Technology (AAS-IT) degree in partnership with Precision Manufacturing Institute (PMI) in Meadville.

The unique 19-month program prepares students for a wide range of entry-level employment opportunities in the growing fields of natural gas and Marcellus Shale-related industries, with the added value of providing the educational foundation for upward career mobility or further education. Students earn transcripted university credit for technical as well as general education courses and graduate with a Clarion University associate degree. In this way, graduates will have an advantage over other job applicants in this increasingly competitive employment environment.

19-month program offerings begin periodically, and times of technical courses at PMI vary to accommodate students' schedules.

Technical Curriculum

Natural Gas Derrick

INDT 299: Introduction to the Natural Gas Industry (1 Credit) Covers industry terminology and the topics that are important for a novice to understand: how oil & gas is found and how it is extracted from the ground and the various processes used to move it to storage and on to the final product.

INDT 299: Industrial Safety (5 Credits) Introduces a variety of topics related to the natural gas industry, including confined space, Hydrogen Sulfide Hazards, Control of Hazardous Energy (Lockout/Tagout), Hazard Communication Program, Hazards Material, Personal Protective Equipment, Fall Protection and Walking-Working Surfaces, Rigging, Respiratory Protection, Fire Protection, Electrical Safety, Process Safety Management and Welding Safety.

INDT 299: Principles of Mechanics (5 credits) Introduces the mechanical skills necessary in industrial facilities and includes an overview of engines and mechanical drive systems.

INDT 299: Instrumentation & Controls (1 credit) Surveys industrial process control instrumentation concepts, devices, and systems. Topics include process control devices and process control applications associated with industrial instrumentation. Upon completion students should be able to demonstrate basic understanding of the various industrial process control and instrumentation systems.

INDT 299: Electrical and Preventative Maintenance (5 credits) Introduces the theory of maintenance and the skills necessary to maintain equipment used in industrial facilities. Topics include maintenance theory, predictive and preventative maintenance, electrical/mechanical equipment operations and maintenance, and maintenance documentation. Upon completion students should be able to perform maintenance on electrical/mechanical equipment in industrial facilities.

INDT 299: Programmable Logic Controllers (6 credits) Covers industrial programmable controllers and program writing including, but not limited to, basic relay logic programming, program control instructions, sequence instructions, data manipulation, math instructions, program editing and troubleshooting.

INDT 299: Maintenance Welding (3 credits) Covers the principles and procedures necessary for maintenance welding in the field.

INDT 299: Industrial Fluid Power (4 credits) Covers the basic principles of fluid science, component operation, circuit design, and applications. Hydraulic components include fixed pumps, cylinders, motors, flow control valves, pressure-compensated flow control valves, pressure control valves, gages, flow meters, directional control valves, check valves, and accumulators. Pneumatic components include cylinders, motors flow control valves, pressure regulators, gages, flow meters, check valves, and directional control valves.