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The following information is provided to assist in answering some of the most common questions received at the Help Desk.  We hope this resource will assist many of you in finding the much needed answers to your common questions.  If there is something not listed that you feel would be a great asset to list or suggestions or comments please e-mail us - Help Desk Staff   Also, please visit this site frequently as content is constantly being added.

Area of Interest


Brief description outlining FAQ answer contents



 Accounts, Account quotas, Password changes, etc.



 Eagle Mail, Outlook, Mac Mail, etc.


   Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari



 Microsoft Office, Academic Software, Operating Systems, etc.



 PCs, MACs, IPads, Cell Phones, printers, etc.



 Wireless access, Labs, VPN, Remote Desktop, etc.

 Viruses and Security:


 Anti-Virus programs, Staying Safe, Malware, Hoxes, Scams, etc.