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AboujaoudeStanford University psychiatrist Dr. Elias Aboujaode will present "Virtually You: How Life Online is Radically Changing Our Offline Personality," on Thursday, March 24, at 7 p.m., in the Robert W. Rhoades Center auditorium at Clarion University-Venango Campus. The event is free and open to the public.

Dr. Aboujaode conducted the largest study to date on Internet addiction and has spent years treating patients whose lives have been disturbed by their cyber lifestyle. Aboujaoude's talk is a penetrating examination of the effects of the new virtual world and what he calls the "big social experiment" we are engaged in online.

According to his research, in the virtual world we come alive as distinct beings: more confident and efficient, but also more aggressive, impulsive, and child-like. This new self, which Aboujaoude dubs our "e-personality," manifests itself in every curt email we send, emoticon we draw, Facebook "friend" we make, and "buy now" button we click.

Too potent to be confined online, however, those e-personality traits seep offline. There is a constant back-and-forth between our online and offline lives. The rudeness we are capable of in our e-mails and the lack of judgment we show in our online purchases and other online activities do not stay "there." Rather, they bleed into our real lives, leading to the propagation, offline, of undesirable personality traits such as impatience, immoderation, impoliteness, and impulsivity.

Dr. Aboujaoude uses examples from his research and clinical and personal experience to explore how our day-to-day reality and sense of ourselves are changing as a function of the increasing amount of time we now spend online.

For more information, contact the office of student affairs at 814-676-6591, ext. 1269.

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3/14/2011 4:00 PM

Internet addiction expert to speak at Clarion University–Venango Campus