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How to Enable Pop-ups in IE



1.  Click the Tools button, and then click Pop-up Blocker.

Do one of the following:
    a.  To turn off Pop-up Blocker, click Turn Off Pop-up Blocker.
    b.  To turn on Pop-up Blocker, click Turn On Pop-up Blocker.

2.  By default, Internet Explorer displays pop-ups that appear as a result of you
     clicking a link or button. Pop-up Blocker blocks pop-ups that are displayed
     automatically (without you clicking a link or button). If you want to allow a
     specific website to display automatic pop-ups, follow these steps:

    a.  Click the Tools button, click Pop-up Blocker, and then click Pop-up Blocker Settings.
    b.  In the Address of website to allow box, type the address (
         to allow pop-ups from this website, and then click Add.
    c.  Click Close.
    d.  Shut down all IE browser windows and then re-open.