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OWA: Moving or Copying Messages


1. Open the message you want to move or copy.

2. Click the Move/Copy icon (a yellow folder obscuring a white document behind it, with a blue
    arrow pointing from the document to the folder), and then choose Move to Folder... or
    Copy to Folder... . This will open another window that displays a list of folders in your Inbox.

3. In the Move/Copy Item window, select the folder into which you wish to move or copy the
    message. For a subfolder, click the + (plus sign) next to the higher folder shown, and the
    subfolders will appear.

4. Click either Move or Copy. You can then close the message window.

Outlook Web App with the Light Interface

1. Check the box next to the message or messages you want to move, and then click Move.

2. Select the radio button next to the desired folder. If the folder is not listed, choose a folder from
    the drop-down menu next to the final radio button. Click Move. You can then close the message window.

Special Note: When using the light interface, you can move, but not copy, messages to a different folder.