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MyClarion Update: What happened to iClarion?

What happened to the old iClarion Web for Students system?

Clarion University officially launched the new MyClarion student information system on 21-MAR-2011.  MyClarion replaced the old iClarion / Web for Students system; iClarion/Web for Students is no longer available. 

MyClarion provides a full range of on-line student system services to register for classes, view grades, view degree audits, view financial aid, view/pay bills, and access a variety of related services.   Please see for login details.

Clarion University Student Information System Upgrade FAQ Information, March 2011

What is changing?

• The iClarion Web for Students system is being replaced with a new system called MyClarion. The MyClarion Student Center is the new site that you use to register for classes, view grades, access financial aid and billing / payment information, and access various related services.

When is it changing?

• The MyClarion system was activated on 21-MAR-2011 Registration for the Fall and Summer 2011 semesters will occur in the new system beginning April 4.

How will I access the new system?

• MyClarion Student Center will be accessed via the web using the same Clarion username and password that you use today.

Where/when can I get more information about the new system?

• See for login instructions and a variety of documentation on how to use the system.

Why are we changing?

• The iClarion Web for Student system served the university well for many years, but the product is no longer supported by the vendor. With MyClarion, we’re providing a new, industry-leading student information system.