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Olk 2010: How to Configure



1. Click Windows XP [Start]

2. Open the 'Control Panel'

3. Switch to 'Classic View' if not already set


4. Click 'Mail'


5. Click 'Show Profiles'


6. Click 'Add...'

7. Type a profile name (i.e. Clarion Exchange)

8. Type your full name in the "Your Name" field

     (This may already be filled in for you and grayed out)

9. Type in your e-mail address (

10. Type in your password and confirm by typing it a second time

11. Click 'Yes' when you see a Security Alert message


12. Check the box labeled "Manually configure server settings or additional server types"

13. Click 'Next'


14. Select "Microsoft Exchange" option

15. Click 'Next'


16. Type in the Exchange server name in field labeled "Microsoft Exchange Server:"

       Note: your username should already be filled in beside "User Name:" field

17. Click 'Next'


18. Click 'Finished' when you see the "Congratulation"



Note: When you start Microsoft Outlook select your new Clarion Exchange Profile name (if prompted)