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Entourage 2004/2008: How to access your Calendar & create Appointments

How to Access Calendar:

  1. Open Entourage 2004 or Entourage 2008.

  2. Click the 'Calendar' icon on the left, top of the window,
    click 'Calendar' in the folder list on the left.

  3. Select your Exchange calendar from the area on the left side
    of the window

  4. Your Exchange calendar may be named Calendar [Your Name]
    - not Calendar [On My Computer].

  5. Your calendar is displayed.

How to create an appointment:

  1. Open Entourage (2004/2008)

  2. Click 'Calendar' in the upper left corner of the window within the calendar,
    click the "New" button, or click File > New > Calendar Event

  3. In the Subject box, type a short description of the event

  4. In the Location box, type the location of the appointment or you may leave this box empty

  5. Select start and end times

  6. In the large, white box, you may add notes or details, or you may leave this box empty

  7. Click 'Save' to add this appointment to your calendar.



** Here are some helpful tips **

  • To make it private in Entourage 2004, open an event and click Options > Private

  • To make it private in Entourage 2008, open an event and click Event > Private.

  • Click the Invite button to convert the event into a meeting.

  • Click All-day event to flag the entire day. For example, add "First Day of Classes" and make it an All-day event.

  • Double-click on your calendar to create an event for that date and time.