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Microsoft Exchange on Windows Mobile


Instructions for your device may vary slightly.  Please be very careful
           with your typing. A single typo may cause your device to not connect.

  1. First, make sure you have an active network connection by browsing with a web browser.

  2. Go to your programs and open 'ActiveSync'

  3. Click on Menu and Select "Configure Server"

  4. For 'Server' type: (or

  5. Make sure that "This server requires an encrypted (SSL) connecting is check marked"

  6. Click 'Next'

  7. Enter your username (i.e. FMLastname) and password.

  8. For domain type:  CLARION.

  9. Check mark "Save password"

  10. Click 'Next'

  11. Select the items that you would like synchronized (Contacts, Calendar, E-Mail, &/or Tasks)

  12. Click 'Finish'

Note:  When you're finished your Windows Mobile device should automatically synchronize.
            If not click on "Sync" on the bottom left corner.