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Exchange - POP/IMAP/SMTP Settings

** Important Notes **

1) Before the settings below can be utilized, your faculty / staff e-mail account must be activated in Exchange.  See the site for details.

2) POP/IMAP/SMTP settings are not used with a standard on-campus Outlook configuration.  These alternative services are only needed with non-outlook clients (ex. MacMail) or with off-campus e-mail client configurations.  For most off-campus access, we suggest that you consider the Outlook Web App (OWA) interface; see our Outlook Web App page for more information.

For on-campus / non-Outlook or off-campus mail clients/devices, these are the POP and IMAP settings.  Note: You must contact Computing Services to have POP or IMAP enabled on your account before you can use these services.

  1. POP Settings:

    • Server name:

    • Port: 995

    • Encryption method: SSL

  2. IMAP Settings:

    • Server name:

    • Port: 993

    • Encryption method: SSL

For on-campus/non-Outlook or off-campus VPN users, these are the SMTP settings to use:

  1. SMTP Setting:

    • Server name:

    • Port: 465

    • Encryption method: SSL

    • Authentication method: No authentication

For off-campus, non-VPN users (i.e. smart phones without ActiveSync):

  1. SMTP Setting:

    • Please use your service providers SMTP settings.  Below are some links to common service providers SMTP settings:
      *For other setting information for a provider click on links below.

      • Windstream Outgoing SMTP setting: (Port 465), (requires authentication), SSL Enabled.

      • Verizon: Outgoing SMTP setting: (Port 465), (requires authentication), SSL Enabled.

      • AT&T Outgoing SMTP setting: (Port 465), (requires authentication), SSL Enabled,