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Clarion University's Honors Program has grown in its 26-year history. Over the years, more than 250 students have completed the Honors Program. Alumni can serve a unique role in the Honors Community with consistent communication and alumni leadership. In January 2008, an alumni advisory board was established to promote this communication and leadership.

Clarion University Honors
Alumni Advisory Board:

Dustin McElhattan ('09, ’11), Chair

Jennifer Feicht ('96)

Joseph Fiedor ('03, '08)

Ashley J. Grimm (’08, ’10)

Kristin Hallagan ('06)

Jarrah Heeter ('03)

Luke Martin ('09)

Katelynn Muth ('09)

Victoria Reid ('05)

Hannah Turner ('08)


 Clarion University Alumni Site

If you are a Clarion University Honors Program alumnus interested in being part of this board,
please contact Joe Fiedor.