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OWA: How to share your personal calendar


1. In Outlook Web App, click Calendar in the Navigation Pane.

2. Click Share in the Calendar toolbar.

3. Click 'Share a calendar' and the name of the calendar that you want to share.

4. Enter the names of the people you want to share your calendar with on the
    To line, the way you would address a message.

5. Under Share, click one of the following buttons to set how much information
    you want to share:

  • Free/busy information Shares only free/busy information.

  • Free/busy information including subject and location Shares free/busy
    information, as well as the subject and location of calendar items.

  • All information lets the recipient see your free/busy information, subject,
    location, and other calendar details.

6. If you want to automatically request permission to view the recipient's Calendar
    folder, select I want to request permission to view the recipient's Calendar folder.


7. Add any information you want to the body of the request, as you would with any other message.

8. Click Send to send your request.

What else do I need to know?

  •   Calendar entries marked as private will display only free/busy information, no
      matter what permissions you've given.

  • To view a calendar that someone else has shared with you:

    • Click Share on the Calendar tool bar, and then click Add Calendar.

    • If the person whose calendar you want to open is in your organization, enter their name,
      and then click OK.

    • If the person isn't in your organization, enter the URL to add a calendar from the Internet,
      and then click OK.

Note:  If you want to give someone permission to make changes to your calendar, you'll have to use Outlook
          to connect to your mailbox. You can use Calendar Permissions in Outlook to give people permission
          to change your calendar.