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Wimba Classroom

Accessing the Wimba Classroom

1. Log into D2L.

2. Select the course you want to view the Wimba Classroom in.

3. Click on Content on the NavBar.

4. Click the link for Wimba.


5. Select the room that you would like to view.


Note: There is a difference between a live classroom and an archive.
Live: The instructor and students will be conversing and discussing in real time. The participants will have to have a microphone in order to talk with others or call in.
Archive: The instructor has recorded a presentation that the student can view.

6. You will see a new window open to the Setup Wizard. You only need to run the wizard once on the computer you are using. Simply click on the Run Wizard button and follow the steps as outlined in the wizard. If you have completed the wizard previously, simply click the hyperlink titled "click here" to enter the room.


7. Once the Setup Wizard is completed, click on the Launch button. The Wimba Classroom will open to the room. While in the room, it is often helpful to click the "Help" link located at the bottom right of the window to access contextual help information or to contact Wimba Classroom technical support.



Q: Why do I get a Wimba login screen when I go into my D2L course site and click on the Wimba quicklink?

A: ltc_d2l_wimba1

Chances are this is a browser issue, and you will need to change the settings to accept third-party cookies. The steps shown below are done in Mozilla Firefox.

1. Start Firefox and go to Tools > Options > Privacy tab.



2. In the drop down menu under History select "Use custom settings for history."


3. See if the following settings are checked:

  • "Accept cookies from sites"

  • "Accept third-party cookies"

4. If either setting is unchecked, check them and restart Firefox.


5. Try accessing Wimba Classroom through Desire2Learn to see if that resolves your issue.