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Entourage 2008: How to send/receive e-mails

To send an email message in Entourage:

  1. From the toolbar, click "Mail" button US_Ent1

  2. On the toolbar, click "New" button US_Ent2
    (The address portion of the message appears)

  3. In the 'To' text box, type the email address of
    the person you are sending the message to

    If you are sending messages to multiple people, use a comma ( , )
    to separate the email addresses. Pressing [tab] after you have entered
    an email address in the To text box, will allow you to toggle between the
    Cc and Bcc text boxes.
    If you decide to remove a recipients email address, select the email
    address that you wish to remove and click Remove button.

  4. Press [return]  (The Message window appears)

  5. In the Subject text box, type an appropriate subject line

  6. Press [tab
    (The insertion point appears in the body of the message)

  7. In the body of the message, type the appropriate text

  8. When you have finished typing, click "Send" button US_Ent4
    (The message is sent)

To receive new mail in Entourage:

  Note:  Entourage automatically checks for new mail every 10 minutes by default.