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Entourage 2008: How to set Calendar Permissions

The following section provides instructions for granting other users access to your Calendar
and set permissions.

  1. From the Navigation pane, click Mail button

  2. Press [control] and click the Calendar folder » select Sharing
    (The Folder Properties: Calendar dialog box appears)

  3. Select the Permissions tab

  4. Click ADD USER...
    (The Select User dialog box appears)

  5. In the text box, type the user name or list name with which you would like to share your Calendar

  6. Click FIND

  7. From the scroll box, select the name(s) of users with which you would like to share your Calendar

  8. Click OK
    (The name appears in the Folder Properties: Calendar dialog box)

  9. OPTIONAL: To add additional users, repeat steps 4-8

  10. Under Name, select the name or group you have just added

  11. From the Permission Level pull-down list, select the appropriate choice
    NOTE: Based on your selection, the default permissions for that level appear checked

  12. Select or deselect the specific permissions given for that level as appropriate

  13. If you added more than one group or individual, assign their permission level by repeating steps 10-12

  14. Click OK