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How to Copy E-mails/Folders from local Outlook into an Exchange Account

Note:   The configuration of your Exchange e-mail account has been completed. 
This configuration included the movement of your Inbox messages from the old e-mail
system to the new Exchange system.  If you want to copy other messages or folders
from the old e-mail system to Exchange, you can easily do so by completing the steps
outlined below.   Please keep in mind that you have 4GB of space for your Exchange
account.  While that is substantial storage space, it is not unlimited and you will need
to keep this in mind as you copy items into your Exchange.  Messages already in your
desktop Outlook will continue to be available from Outlook.  Messages copied to
Exchange will be available from both Outlook and Outlook Web App (OWA). 

If you have any trouble or need to ask a question please contact the helpdesk
at ( or x2640).

Note 2:  The below steps are showing you how to 'Copy' your e-mail/folders to Exchange.
             However, you may wish to 'Move' your e-mail/folders instead.  If you choose to
             do this you simply follow the process below but instead of doing step 3 below
             select the drop down option "Move to folder..." instead.  Caution when doing this
             as the e-mail/folders will be removed from your local Outlook and 'moved' to your
             Exchange account.


1.       Open Outlook

2.       Select e-mails/folders you wish to 'copy' to your new Exchange account


3.       Select Edit, then select "Copy to folder..." from the menu bar



4.       Highlight the folder name you wish to 'paste' your e-mails/folders into under
your Exchange account.  Click "New" to create a new folder to paste your e-mails/folders into if folder is not already listed.




5.       Click 'OK'

6.       Repeat steps 2-5 above for any e-mails/folders you wish to copy to your Exchange account